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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

If you are the type of person that enjoys waking up on a Monday morning thinking "WTF happened last night? ...than Branch House Tavern is the place to be for Cinco de Mayo. Food & Drink specials, giveaways, multiple stages for our "Open Mic Showcase," the power trio of JAB, the premiere appearance of Alex Stephens and the Moonshine Bandits, and Brothers Belvedere. This is what we call the Brothers Belvedere Bandwagon. Jump on it. We know music, and we know some of the best musicians in Atlanta. They will be here. If you "Are NOT Entertained," then you need to take that cotton out of your ears.

Cinco de Mayo at Branch House Tavern

The night was dark, and the moon was not out. Ah heck, I’m not a writer. Most musicians write music, not blogs. I guess thats why we haven’t written much in this blog. Well that is about to change.

Brothers Belvedere has had some pretty awesome gigs lately, and so far the highlight was getting the opportunity to open up for Vertical Horizon in Suwanee. They were pretty good guys that even had time to chat with us for a couple minutes.

The next chapter of Brothers Belvedere will definitely be written in the books pretty soon. A couple months ago we approached Branch House Tavern in Flowery Branch to play there, and we heard that Cinco de Mayo was open. We thought it would be pretty cool since the holiday landed on a Sunday afternoon and this would be a unique show for us. When we discussed playing that day, their people said they were thinking about booking a few bands to play their all day. That is all they needed to say to give us some ideas about where we could take this. We came up with an idea to take initiative and plan out the whole day. Bobby Z had the idea of us hosting the whole day, and we bring in our own network of musicians and play music ALL day long. About the same time, Brothers Belvedere was evolving into playing in different combinations. Bobby Z and our drummer Jim had been playing as a duo called “2 on the Loose” and Jim, Aaron, and Bob were also thinking of doing their own thing which turned into the power trio of “JAB.” Suddenly we had three different combinations of bands amongst all five from Brothers Belvedere. Our lead singer Casey also plays with Alex Stephens and the Moonshine Bandits, and this group is really finding their niche. This evolved into calling this the “Brothers Belvedere Bandwagon.” The definition of bandwagon fits the idea pretty well. Bandwagon means “A wagon, usually large and ornately decorated, for carrying a musical band while it is playing. A party, cause, movement, that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers.”

The next idea we had was to not only play at Branch House Tavern, but actually host it, and bring in other musicians. We know plenty of people in the music business, and have contacts to some of the best solo artists that play in the area. We are calling it the “Brothers Belvedere Bandwagon and Open Mic Showcase.” We will have multiple stages, food and drink specials, giveaways, dance music, and an abundance of talented musicians that will entertain you all day long. Branch House Tavern is an awesome venue for bringing out local talent and this show will be huge. Make sure to become a fan on ReverbNation, like us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter @BelvedereRock. We will be live tweeting during the show this Sunday May 5th. Welcome to the “Brothers Belvedere Bandwagon.” JUMP ON IT!

-David Ouimet

Booking & Marketing Manager Brothers Belvedere

Suwanee Day

Thanks for your support at Suwanee Day. Anybody who did not get a Demo CD, just email us and we will make sure to send you one. You guys are Awesome !

Thanks for Rocking !

We appreciate your support !