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Hey NYC! Come Roll With Me In My Limosine!

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Who Is David Ruffin Jr.?

Since he was five-years old, this powerful R&B crooner grew up standing in the shadows of the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, an area known for a musical style which combined elements of blues, gospel, swing, and pop – thumping beats which created a new dance that was instantly recognized. These sounds of Lake Erie and Lake Huron, which had enough energy to power a diesel engine and the unmistakable sound of soul music masters The Temptations and the Four Tops. David grew up watching the Gemini Twins’ (his Father’s and Eddie Kendrick’s) impeccable choreography, perfect harmony, and stylish suits become an avalanche of hits. Those were the sound tracks of his life. It set ablaze a web of fire and emotion in a small doe-eyed boy and gave birth to Ruffinism, David’s signature sound. With his full throat vocals, David cranked out “All My Life,” a collaboration with Jason, “Fingers” Dees (Bass), David Cochran (Keys), Demetrius Martin (Drums), and Jazz Soul (spits). This hybrid sound shattered the Hollywood sign. Ruffin’s vocals pack a seismic punch with enough power to knock any fan off their feet. Listen to his full length song, “All My Life,” and you will be equally impressed by David’s superb song writing skills. His spirited melodies and insightful lyrics will stir the emotion of any audience. The websites Airspun and Garageband have spotlighted David’s songs, “All My Life” and “The Y Song (Better Keep the Faith), which demonstrates his R&B sensibilities and showcase his brand of R&B bluesy soul. His live shows in Cali have won the hearts of both fans and critics. He has opened for such greats as The Temptations and the Dramatics. The fans will get a kick out of hearing his creations and collaboration on his Grammy Award-winning hooks such as “Gin & Juice” and “8 Mile.” With his intense live shows in places such as Club Rain (Jacksonville, FLA), Club Live (CA), The Strand (CA), Beacon Theater (NYC), and others, David continues to be a top draw, leaving fans clamoring for more! David is sure to continue igniting the rest of the country soon.