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Song Interpretation....

This is one of my favorite d-tune songs where I use a guitar tuned to Open D. Each guitar tuning has a unique sound and I really like the sound of the D tuning.

I don't usually sit down and write a song about a specific incident or person. It's almost always more general and the meaning is left to the listeners interpretation. Sometimes, however, I know exactly where they come from. This is one of those songs. I know exactly what inspired it!

I'm not sure I should spill the beans because I don't want to ruin your interpretation of the lyrics. Actually, your interpretation is just as good as mine I'm sure. Even mine is different than it started out! It was originally inspired by a flame war on an internet Bulletin Board, or BBS. A simple discussion that turned into an argument.

No, songs don't always end up as they started out. Though the verses all can certainly be linked to the internet spat I witnessed I think the chorus sends it off in another direction. I don't actually think of the internet spat anymore when I play the song. It's more of a representation of how I feel about politics in general. It all seems so antagonistic. As Rodney King once said, “Can't we all just get along?” Apparently not! LOL

Hope this link works......if not you can copy and paste the link below to your browser or "High Up in the Mountains" is on the Dart Club Reverb Nation player and you can listen there. Thanks! http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/15302975

Greg Dillon

On The Road.....Again

2012 marks a new chapter in Dart Clubs existance! Along with Greg Dillon on guitar and vocals we've added, Bob Guthrie on guitar and vocals, Larry Holzman on guitar and vocals, and Todd Van Gelder on percussion and vocals. Each of us with over 30 years experience!

We'll play everything from our own carefully crafted original compositions to covers from artists such as, Maroon 5, Michael Franti, Wilco, Steve Miller, Led Zeppelin, and John Prine, often with a twist!

Check our schedule for upcoming shows and come out and see the live version of Dart Club. We always hit our mark!

Greg Dillon Dec. 4 2012