Another Woodcrest Village Show

Presentation of music by Brook House Songwriters' Circle, at Woodcrest Village, in New London, New Hampshire, March 23rd, 2013.

Woodcrest Village, New London, NH

WE had a beautiful show, put on by the Brook House Songwriter's Circle, with Click and Joanie Horning, two of the sweetest people ever to exist. We had 12 musicians, and I was up first. I had some nerves, but it was so much fun! Thanks to my fellow musican/songwriters! Merry Musiking.


Why is it so hard to upload here, get store to work, etc.?? I'm in the process of building a better web site. Hope to see you there. Announcements will be here. Well, second thing you should know, is that nothing gets on here before copyright is done. So, I'm working on that. I'm writing so many, so fast, it's hard to get things recorded and off to where they belong. Merry Musiking.


Fear (of performing) is an imaginary animal, commonly found under loose clothing, dirty fingernails, and bold excuses. Excise this menace with common courage. Realize that what you do, writing or performing, or both, is a gift to the world. A gift in the wrong hands is unwelcome and not appreciated for what it is worth. A gift in the right hands becomes a miracle. A delight for both the audience and the performer. Courage is simply realizing what is best for you, and letting the fear sit there, and attending to what needs to be done, rather than the fear, which feeds it. Don't feed pests! It makes them multiply, and you just scare yourself. Remember. It is IMAGINARY fear (fear of feeling fear itself) that stops us from trying. You learned to walk by falling a lot. You have to fail enough to understand what it is that really truely is working powerfully for you. So go out there, and fail well! Then laugh about it. Merry Musiking, Katy

Writing music

So busy, with appoinments, and writing music, and playing the guitars. Loving this time. Not sure about this site, at all. My best work never gets here. Best work is done in person, or direct to the places it belongs. I'm not really a performer. I love to write it, and play it, craft it, and mix it, but leave the performing to those who can do that part justice.


The only way to make a painting is to show up at the easle. The only way to play the guitar is to play it-lots. I try to get in a couple hours a day. I really progess the best when I play 3 hrs a day for about 4 days and then take a day or 2 off, and go at it again. My brain processes all this over the day off. And I get lots better than if I cram and cram.

Spring Has Arrived!

There are red wind black birds grouping around the feeders. I have only seen them solo. The crab apple tree is about to bloom. I joined ASCAP, American Society of Composers And Publishers, Songs can be registered to them, and then others can buy rights to use the songs. My fellow musician asked to play Mr. Leathershoes. I am honored and she will do it justice. Very coolz. ~Merry Musicing

KYST IN THE MYST_first blog

Well, I'm not much of a blogger. More of a journal person, kept private, because it is cathartic, not a record of joy. The joys, I live. Been spending the morning today, responding to "fannings". I usually check them out, before fanning back. This month marks a change in my fanning. There has been a huge majority of them, that are #1 in their area, on RN. I hope to get some better songs on the site, this spring. I can't record any today, as I have a cold, I caught in the hospital! I thought you go to get well! I'll be over it soon. TTFN Merry Music to You.