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Balenciaga Banks is "The King of Club"

Balenciaga Banks is not your typical rap/hip-hop scenester. Sure, he raps about the usual stuff — cars with tinted windows, women and money — but there’s more to Mr. Banks than his music would otherwise indicate.

Whether he’s designing clothing in his signature street-cum-country-club style or reminding the listener of early De La Soul, The King of Club is his 7th mix tape, and it aims to fuse the gap between the underground rap scene and mainstream music. This is perhaps Mr. Banks’ greatest musical accomplishment to date.

Sure, there’s the usual club fare, but there’s also a grungy underground element to this music — from the production to the lyrics — that sets The King of Club apart from its contemporary offerings.

First, there’s the inherent emotion throughout the work of this Cincinnati, Ohio native’s rhymes, an emotion that draws the listener in, makes him believe every word. Second, the production is at once elegant and rough, real, truthful, helping Mr. Banks connect with the listener in new and interesting ways.

Balenciaga Banks New Mixtape "Blue Blood Chic"

The most recent prized piece of musical art work, is titled “Blue Blood Chic”. Balenciaga Banks is back after a 6 month hiatus and drops an underground classic. This mixtape has big record after big record. The fashion/rapper’s new project is chalked full of excitement and his patent Emotional rap. This is hands down Balenciaga Banks best effort, aiming to please the underground and the mainstream listeners, we give five stars for the talented rare artist, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. You did it!!!…ENJOY!!! http://soundcloud.com/caviarandcigarettes/sets/blue-blood-chic

Crystal Castles ft. Balenciaga Banks