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Bill Ulsh.com goes Retro - Bash Contract Style

Some of You may've noticed the site looking a little different this morning and thought "W.T.F.?", No Your internet's not broken, Bill Ulsh.com got remodeled with the "Bash Contract" theme just in time for the conclusion of the "Act Natural, Bash Contract" series of live-stream shows which starts this Friday with "the H@ppeNiNG" on U-Stream.

Ustream, Mutant Melvin and Matrix Devonshire

Got a couple of shows lined up in December on various live streaming sites including UStream. Still working on Mutant Melvin 3 and a little side project with Matrix Devonshire which should be pretty interesting.

Things get even more interesting - That's right... a follow -up video

Remember at the begging of 2013, I said: "thing are about to get interesting"??? Well, That was about My 1st actual music video for "Wizard of Death", and I have a feeling things are about to get even more interesting. That's right... a follow -up video. My time off to work on "Mutant Melvin 3" officially ends sometime this week as I'm working on the video for My next single... "5 Card Stud".

Taking a break to work on Mutant Melvin 3

So, I've decided to take a break from working on My next video to start work on the next "Mutant Melvin" graphic novel, which as far as I know, picks up where "Extreme Summer" left off. Not sure if I want to "write first, draw later", but I usually like to have a story mapped out so that way I have a good idea of what I'm working with, and other times the illustrations just come to Me almost instantaneously. Don't worry, I'm still gonna film My next video as well. Can't say what it is yet, but enjoy the new album coming out this Tuesday.


I'm into metal, machines, and wizard poetry and the good folks at Babel can't get enough of Me..... Check out Babel's music video review for "Wizard of Death" here: http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/9-11-2013/Meet-Northwest-Ohios-Musical-Renaissance-Man-Bill-Ulsh.html

That's a wrap.

The "Mad Concert Pianist" just finished production this week on His sophomore effort "Wizard of Death, which is slated for a late September release. Also,a new video is already in the works on and off, as well as a new Mutant Melvin" graphic novel. (Maybe) We'll see what the future holds. - Bill Ulsh

Making a Monster-piece: The "album that almost wasn't"

Hey folks, I know it's been awhile, but I DO plan to work on tracks 6 and 7 almost simultaneously. Then, there's the final track 8, and following that - The vocal tracks, and after all is said n' done with mixing and editing, I'll probably begin work on the 3rd "Mutant Melvin" graphic novel if can find enough drawing paper, and I'm one of those people where if I want something bad enough, I'll find a way to get it. Remember, Don't Hate - Dominate and use Adversity to your Advantage - Bill Ulsh

New Album title "Wizard of Death"

I'm slowly getting ready to work on the second half of My 2nd album "Wizard of Death". I haven't worked on "MM3" (Mutant Melvin 3") yet, but I plan to sometime AFTER the album is finished. Not sure what the future holds, but til next time... Act Natural, Bash Contract. - Bill Ulsh

Good News. Introducing "Project: Blue Cat"

The new album I've been working on, (The one I'm halfway done with) is the "Album That Could've Been" NO MORE!! It it now known as (for the time being, anyway) "Project: Blue Cat". (it'll make sense later, I swear.) I might also begin work on "Mutant Melvin 3", as well as the 2nd half of the new album which we shall call "Project: Ghost Chick" (which will also make sense later) Now if You don't mind I'm in need of some celebration involving ice cream bars which is long over due.

"Album That Could've Been" process: 50% |||||||

I'm already 1/2 way done with this album. Mixing and editing tracks. Editing out "that Air-y sound" which you might've heard on "Bash Contract", but then again that one was kinda MEANT to have a raw, natural sound to it, whereas this one seemed like it should be more polished. You know it's a good edit when you can either headbang or sing along to it naturally. I've got things set the way I want, and lemme tell you, ain't nobody gonna ruin this shit. I'll personally see to that, if I have to. I have other projects I'm working on as well in my downtime. Is one of them Mutant Melvin 3? We shall see.