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You never know

You never know what is going to happen when you create..That's what makes it so fun..

Tornado Destruction of homes and lives in Oklahoma

I actually was awoken again tonight by some new sights I encountered just today, and I was thinking, how did the teachers in Plaza Elementary know to put the children in the hall? The only walls still standing in the entire school after the tornado........God "was" guiding them. "He" was there. I have been awoken by the things I've seen in person, and just putting myself in the sheer reality that those children and teachers and families all faced in the midst of the storm. I went past the vapor hut just today, June 14th, about 3 weeks after the tornado. There are many roads I couldn't go down because they had to be closed. One of them was open today. A familiar path, such as the one on 4th and Broadway I always took to take my girls to gymnastics every day, and the only reason we weren't headed that way on Monday, is because it ended on the previous Friday. So, I drove south today on Santa Fe, getting closer to the turn on the left. The one to take me to Target on 119th street in Moore. The one I had just visited the vapor hut the morning before the tornado to get a new flavor for my vapor cigarette. The precious people who were all in there that morning, and the serene feeling you had in there from all the people who chose a healthier habit besides the killer cancer cigarettes our government allows to stores to sell every day, and as I drove by and looked to my left and saw the vapor hut and everything in the entire shopping mall blown to shreds as if a bomb went off, I thought about that awesome group of people. Not a care in the world that morning except sharing different hut flavors and conversing like any other peaceful morning. I couldn't get all the houses out of my mind tonight. All those houses off of santa fe, gone. I think about all the close encounters I've had with this monster in which attacked close to home. Too close to home. You see, Oklahoma is my home, my childrens home. It's the only home I've ever known. My friends and family are here. I was directly affected by the Tornado. Both of them. We have seen biblical happenings right before our eyes here in Oklahoma. We must all come together as one, and believe that God will prevail. No matter what. He always will.

My most beautiful compliment, ever. May 29, 2013

Johnny Bonkers about 1 hour ago Excuse me for not replying earlier Diana,just finished watching all your fabulous videos, three absolutely fabulous vocal/acoustic/piano/lead rhythm guitar tracks superbly performed and great songs,then watched all your great live gig tracks again delightful to watch and listen to.Now listening to all your songs listed on your wonderful page. It is also wonderful to hear uplifting music from a real country singer and fabulous performer putting Oklahoma back on the right trail after the tragic destruction that hit the county. Hope that all your kin and friends were not caught in the savage twister,great to hear and see Okie sounding fantastically musical,I have been to Okie many years ago (approx 25 years) on Labour day..an irish descent young guy in a dry state..ouch! : ) thank you Diane for the very pleasant intro,your pushing the frontiers of fantastic music,I will definitely link up on facebook,I do not go there regularly a few times a week. I have still got to leave a comment for you on your fabulous page, I will be doing so this evening , pleasure connecting, you also have a most beautiful day Diane and all your family and friend who make you shine,great firework party vid,you really got the guests to have a great time,you rocked their night, Peace and World Love, Johnny

Protect your music.

Please beware of those who come to you wanting to help you sell your music. Calling themselves labels and publishing companys. If you purchase my music, I don't have a label, so if it doesn't say Diana Payne Label, the profits probabably are not going to go to me. I've noticed on Amazon, there are people from other countries who have nothing better to do than to sell your music under their name or Label. I have not authorized anyone at all, to do this. Artists protect yourselves. CD baby likes to represent themselves as a label for you for a small fee, BEWARE! If you want to make money off of your originals, this truly is not the way. Don't you want the full $5.00? Instead of a penny? I also own my own publishing company, so if anyone is misrepresenting themselves using my name, they have not been given the permission to do so.

Diana Payne music

We live in a day and age where anything is possible.

Diana Payne music

This is the start of something I have no idea where it will end.

Diana Payne
Diana Payne  (almost 7 years ago)

We live in a day and age where anything is possible, and we have to be ready at any time to prove ourselves.