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R&B Divas Unplugged

Had SOOOOO much fun at R&B Divas Unplugged on Saturday night!! To everyone who showed to support me, THANK YOU!!! To the other Divas, Alonda Rich & Keya Wilson, ya'll did the damn thing!!! I'll be in Brooklyn, NY on July 6th @ Daily Press Coffee, come check me!!


Thank you so much to all of ReverbNation for keeping me #1 in my area!!!! A MILLION HUGS!

Reading is Fundamental!!!!

I know that in this day & age, people don't care to read information. They'd rather be told information by someone else. Which is fine, but by the time you've heard everything that person just said, the retention is gone!! So I challenge everyone to do themselves a favor and READ, STUDY, LEARN & RETAIN, THEN ask questions!!

I Wanna Be....

....internationally known on ya microphone!! If anyone overseas has connections with DJs, please get at me! I need worldwide exposure!!


Check out my new music "S.E.X.I" and "Soda Pop Lyfe"....BANGERS!!


What is the world doin on a Friday nite like 2nite! I know I would LOVE to be in any studio in Miami recording a monster hit with the likes of a Eric Roberson or a Brian McKnight, hell I'd even take Usher right about now! Enjoy germs and ladies!

Maybe One Day

The convenience of fast food is sometimes priceless, but my goodness; why should you have to sacrifice good health for convenience?? There is absolutely nothing healthy about fast food!! Maybe one day....I'll start a healthy fast food restaurant, which would definitely be challenging, since the concept of "fast food" is inherently unhealthy. But I do believe there is a strong need for something like this. I honestly think if people had a choice to either eat healthy or unhealthy for relatively the same price, they would choose to eat healthy. I still have faith in humanity!!!

Flying Thru...

Has anyone else moved thru Reverb this fast? I feel like something is being missed or overlooked...maybe it's just me.

Moving Mountains....

Still climbing the reverbnation charts!!! None of this makes any sense to me, yet it serves as confirmation that I'm doing exactly what I was put here to do. God is moving mountains for me right now, helping me to reach people with my voice; and this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. There's SO MUCH MORE storytelling, lovemaking, emotional deliverance, and good ol' fashioned fun in store. Soon & very soon....

Without HIM...

I would be nothing. GOD is the key.