We are Currently working on the new album "Waking up from the American Dream". It will feature our song Mindsludge and much more! The Album is about done being written and we have to start recording soon. We have posted the Design for our new T shirts which will be out as soon as we can.

We are sorry about the wait, Stuff is coming... We promise! lol ~PLAGUE

Back In The Drivers Seat.

Well, we have started playing shows again and we will have to admite, it feels good! We have recently played with the likes of Sid Wilson of Slipknot at The Czar Bar, We played at the Aftershock bar and grill, made a surprise drop in on Slam Radio, kicked off The Grave Radio here in Kansas City, Mo.

Next up, We are playing at The Riot Room on July 14th. and we have alot more to announce soon!

We have also been in talks with Ex Guitar Player Dexter Morris. He may be rejoining us in the line up, but time will only tell.

Stay tuned for more info!