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support is all any artist can ask for, because i swear its impossible to make it with nobody backing you up. people spend hours, money, and put their heart into these microphones hoping people would just listen. some people might make music and not take it that serious, but im not one of them. every song that ima ever release when be %1000 ME, thats why I call myself a "G". when i make a song, i dont expect for every person i send it to to listen, but i just know that at least one person will and if i got at least one fan, ima keep doin what i do! i had people tell me they listen to my music cities, and states over that i never met and i swear thats a good feeling. when a person wants you to keep doing you, is way more motivation than having haters. i know everybody aint gon feel the type of music i put out and im cool with that, im just blessed to have the support from the people that do! thank yall and keep on supporting the team and the dream! -- Royalty