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Update from The Realm

So, its been awhile since we have updated everyone within the Realm...A lot has been going on with the Bad Boys of Los Akron Knights...The cd is coming along slowly, but sounds Amazing! This disk is going to put us on the map internationally! We have four videos planned, a special guest vocalist with international acclaim, (hell, they ,made a movie out about the guy!), Jozey is recovering well from his heart surgery and their first show back is this Saturday, July 25th at the Cliffside in Akron and King David will finish up vocals over the weekend as well...the Sir Fuxalot will hit the solos and a few other pieces will be thrown in and the project goes to mixing. Because producer Curran Murphy is doing such a good time and with the layoff caused by Jozey's surgery...the release date is not certain. A decision on that will be made soon. Videos will be shot in August and September and the disk should be ready in October at some point. If you want to be in the videos either the live shots or as an extra...contact Jozey or watch the bands facebook for announcements. The new disk is entitled Psychoanalyze and will contain ten new original tracks and two covers, Hard Days Night by the Beatles and Guaranteed by the Godz that was recorded for the Godz Tribute album in 2014. Dont forget to check out : www.losakronknights.com www.facebook.com/la.knights.1

L.A. Knights on the Alan Cox Show 3-4-13 and a webmaster opportunity!

This week, Erica Lauren was kind enough to mention all the bands from the Hard Rock Cafe Show last week and here is a link to it! Listen Here!

Also, the Realm is looking for someone with excellent web site skills to help us build a website that will ready to launch with the cd release and be able to sell our cds directly, link all of our social media sites together, tour info, merch sales and more. If you are awesome at websites or know someone who is awesome with websites, contact Jozey on Facebook...he has a lot on his plate and needs someone to take charge!

The Cd is in the mix stage and a video for Light It Up is being planned for this month also! Details soon!

Hard rock Update and a change to Facebook

Good Morning Members of the Realm! We want to thank everyone who voted for us in the Hard Rock Cafe Rock Rising 2013 Contest. It appears we pulled off a 10th place finish which would put us in the contest! Stay tuned for more details on when we play!

Also, follow this link to Reverbnation.com/laknights and download the FREE Droid app...its kicks ass!

Finally, with the CD coming out and all the good things happening with this band...we need to make a change on Facebook to focus our promotional opportunities going forward...Reverbnation.com/laknights will be the hub of information, music, videos, photos etc...and as such, reverbnation works best with the bands MUSICIAN PAGE on Facebook, not the original PERSONAL page we started with. Therefore, we need to direct everyone in the Realm to the correct page...https://www.facebook.com/pages/LA-Knights/188975457825452?sk=info and click like! Thank you so much!

Finally, the contest rules for the CD listening party will be announced next Monday as well as a very, VERY important announcement regarding the CD!

Important things for the REALM

A few things we need to accomplish in the REALM the next few months until the cd comes out. 1) The Hard Rock Rising Contest: We would love to represent Akron in the battle of the bands. A minute of your time could put us over the top! (Click link below to Vote anytime)

simply find LA Knights and download a clip of our song and we get your vote. We would greatly appreciate your support.

PC users: should be a direct link: find LA knights download song clip to vote: (can sort by downloads and we should be on first page.

Smartphone users: need to scroll down to post that reads Attn: hard rockers and click the long fixed link, then click blue banner for hard rock rising then sort and download tune to vote.

Click Link Below : to Vote!


2) Increase the likes on our Reverbnation.com/laknights page! This is vital! It will be the link to all our information in the coming months!

3.) Follow us on Twitter @laknights16

4) Increase the likes on our Facebook Musician Page https://www.facebook.com/la.knights.1

Please help us out by doing this...lets get to 500!

Announcing The L.A. Knights APP

With the impending release of the debut cd for Los Akron Knights (L.A. Knights), a media blitz is about to be unleashed. One of the first things is the announcing of the Official L.A. Knights Phone APP! With only one clip available at the moment, more will be added as we have them available. Stay tuned for details!