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May 21, 2014 - I celebrated my 25th birthday this month!!! Super excited!

Also....the album is coming together very well. The completed songs are, "Beat Goes On", "Rain", "Let It All Go" and "All Night"! Working on a few songs right now at the same time (haha). They are called "Love Like This" which has this trance dance beat. And "#Hard", a very urban/club sound that makes you want to get down and dirty (dancing). Also another one called "Crater", a slower song. And there's "Beautiful Curse" which reminds me of my favorite era, the 90's.

You can buy "Rain" right now on Reverbnation for $0.99!!! The songs will be available on iTunes this year. The album will be released this year. Ive been working on this album for over 2 years! I kept throwing away songs because I didnt think they were good enough. But I have finally started to put it all together. I love the sound of this album! I hope you do too!

Peace/Love -Sage


January 1, 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I would like to start off by saying, thank you. Thank you to anyone that listened to my music, read my blogs/tweets. I am excited to start the new year and excited to release music on iTunes! I hope you like the music.

Now where do i begin...? I am so thankful 2013 is over! It was the most difficult year of my life. And I hope it never gets that difficult again. I would not want anyone else to experience the difficult time that I did. I know people go through dark times, and I clearly didn't realize how dark it could get. I am thankful to be out of the worst. I am slowly seeing light again. I will admit its not easy. Every day is a constant battle to stay positive and hopeful. On the outside I appear as if I'm healed, however on the inside I am constantly scared and worried and in pain. That too will heal, but with time. I am a stubborn individual and I use every bit of strength and energy I have to fight. I do that to protect my heart and soul. My vision of life after death was always the same, I had envisioned that when my body dies, my soul could roam the endless space that is called the Universe. Ever since I was a little kid I was obsessed with the stars and planets and galaxies. I just looked up at the sky and stared for as long as i could. Imagining other worlds and other life and the beautiful nebula's. A few months ago I honestly thought I was going to get that chance...whether that was a good or bad thing, I cant decide. I was mentally prepared to enter the next phase (if there is one, but i choose to believe our soul keeps going). I remember being home days before the surgery and I would sit on the couch staring out the window, making peace with everything that was happening. Accepting the fact that this was probably the last time i'd see a sunrise or a sunset. It might seem a bit dramatic but given the circumstances and the risks involved, I was in no position to pretend that everything would be 'smooth sailing', as they say. So I entered the surgery room and I didn't say anything. I just looked at all the bright lights and the crowd of doctors and nurses around me. The only thing i remember was counting down from ten. I think i got to nine and I was out. I imagined what it would be like to be asleep during surgery and my brain exposed on the table. I wondered if I would dream something, but i didn't.

I am still recovering. I am still in this chapter of my life. I believe that it is almost finished though, and the next chapter will begin. I am thankful for a second chance at life. As crazy as it seems, I still hold the darkness inside. There are things that we can never forget, and I choose to lock them away in a chest deep in my mind. Sometimes its necessary to open it because I get too caught up in the daily routines of living that I need to be reminded of how beautiful life on this planet is. Regardless of how awful people can make it seem.

I still see myself as the little boy that had posters of planets and stars on my ceiling, wondering what it would be like to see it all. I just hope next time, its because of old age, and not something else. I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of complete darkness once I do die.

goodbye 2013. hello 2014.


October 30, 2013 - Well its been a while since ive blogged but it has been difficult the last couple months. Recovering from brain surgery is no easy task. I have been writing and was able to record some demos. I am just excited to be fully recovered and back to work!

I changed the album title to "Star System". I feel its more appropriate.

I can't wait to release the first single on iTunes. Im hoping that will be early 2014. But only time will tell.

I will do my best to blog more about new music and random stuff as well.


August 5, 2013 - Its 5:36 (a.m.) in the morning and I woke up to take my medications. I am healing well from my surgery and I am just patiently waiting for my next surgery date. I am not sure when that is exactly, but I should find out on August 15. I am still working on music and using all this free time writing lyrics. I am not recording since I am not staying in my home right now, and that is where is my studio is. I am practicing all the new music live though. So far I feel like I have a few great songs that I cannot wait to record! Its going to be exciting! The album has taken 2 years to make!!! I am hoping to get the album out by January 2014, but I cant make any promises. I want this album to be GREAT! It will be available on iTunes and other markets once it is released. As well as a FREE VERSION, which will contain different songs. But I will get into that once we approach the release date.

If you are a reader of my blogs and listener of my music, i just want to tell you... "thank you, from the bottom of my heart." i never really know if anyone actually reads my blogs but I hope somebody does. And if you're a fan of my music I would just like to say "hang on tightly cause it is going to get BETTER!". There will be videos and performances. This new album, "LIGHT", will be promoted until everyone is sick of it! haha!

I cant wait till we arrive at the new celestial grounds called "LIGHT"!!! This space journey is taking 2 years so far! But remember...every new celestial grounds that we travel to will always be different! The Universe is infinite.

love, Sage (Celestial Grounds)


July 15, 2013 - Moment of honesty: though I've been positive, I've had moments of weakness during this journey. I really am learning a lot about myself now and I am extremely thankful to have a second chance to live. But that also comes with a price. Learning who my real friends are and who really cares. I don't play a victim, I have not done that. I've been positive and strong because I know that is the ultimate medicine. But during my moments of weakness I cry for the things that have happened and the people I no longer hear from. This isn't an easy journey. I know being on bed rest sounds amazing to a lot of you haha almost like a vacation, but its also the most difficult. Being left alone with thoughts and emotions can be the real test. My surgery story isn't fully told because quite frankly I know many do not have the time. But I appreciate every prayer and positive thought you sent my way. Every tweet. every message. every song play. All your support! My family appreciates it and I do too. As I approach my next surgery I get more and more anxious and more and more emotional. Im excited and hopeful for the future.

Love, Sage :)


July 11, 2013 - I'm teary eyed right now but for a great reason! Yesterday after seeing the surgeon he cut down 1/3 of my meds from taking it 3x daily to only 2x daily cause it was causing insomnia and (TMI) constipation and weight gain, and high blood pressure (if I didn't do minor exercises). i have been taking that pill since my seizure on June 10th. So a whole MONTH on that pill! It's purpose is to calm the swelling of the tumor. And since I still have surgery again and radiation I have to continue the pill. However, yesterday he cut it down from 3x a day to 2x and because he did that....I FINALLY was able to sleep for a grand TOTAL of 6 hours!!!!!! That sounds like nothing to you if you sleep 8 or more but keep in mind I haven't slept more than 3 hours since June 10th, and its already July 11! Road to recovery looks so much smoother now! I can't help but feel so much better you guys! Rest is definitely important!

I'm so excited to start recording new music! I still have to wait a bit and get more bed rest but recovery is closer than ever! I'm so excited to get back to work! In the meantime I will try to release a track for fun since my last single "BEAT GOES ON" was released in February! :O

Download that single here on Reverbnation for FREE!

Much love and a million thank you's!!! Every single positive thought gives me strength to recover faster! :D

Sage -Celestial Grounds-


July 7, 2013 - I'm in recovery from my brain surgery that was on June 25, 2013. On June 10, 2013, I suffered from a seizure for the first time, and doctors found a brain tumor that I had been carrying for years and it grew to a dangerous size causing the attack. The location of the tumor had been causing my personality and emotions to fade. I was slowly dying. During surgery the doctor discovered an aneurism that was hidden in all the tests I had taken. He saved my life twice! I'm extremely thankful and hopeful and POSITIVE! I'm still writing music especially now that my personality and emotions are coming back at FULL FORCE! I'm still on medication cause this journey is only 1/3 complete. I have another surgery to remove the other half that is located behind my left eye and my left nasal passage. However, that surgery will be through my nose rather than my skull which is so science fiction cool! Lastly I have radiation treatment to kill the parts of the tumor that are too small to remove surgically.

Right now I have the huge cut on my head and my left eye is completely shut, I can't open it even if I tried. But the doctor says to give it about 2months till I can control those muscles.

All in all I'm doing well, aside from the lack of sleep. I have amazing people surrounding me and giving me the strength I need to pull through! I love them so much! And my fans for supporting my music!!! Love you!!! I will be back with new music soon! I'm writing and writing and im still working on the 3rd album "LIGHT" :)))

Peace/Love Celestial Grounds


February 16, 2013 - Well a new year is upon us as well as new MUSIC. Ive been working hard at this new album and its halfway complete! The new album is called "Light" and just like it sounds, the music feels lighter and fresh and colorful. The new single "Beat Goes On" was released just hours ago here on this site as well as a few others. Im really happy with that track, its such a big step forward in the right direction! Im not entirely sure how many tracks will be on the album, so far there are 10. I am hoping to get a few bonus tracks done as well but only time will tell. The release date is still unknown but it definitely will be released this year. Right now it feels like I might be done in late Spring. I really would like to make a music video but im not quite sure yet.

I will keep updating this blog, but more importantly I will keep working on the music!

-Celestial Grounds


October 2, 2012 - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 'SWEAT OF THE SUN (Ultimate Edition)' is now available for free on Jamendo! I will the post the link below. I hope you like the music and I hope it puts you in a great mood!

Link: http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a114016/sweat-of-the-sun-ultimate-edition



My new album 'SWEAT OF THE SUN' will be available in August!!! I believe it to be the best work I have ever done!

If you haven't downloaded the first single for free, then what are you waiting for? Download here: http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a110092/stars-come-to-life-single

Now for the exciting part!!! Here is the track list for the album!!!

1. Prevail (Intro) 2. Lotus Flower 3. Stars Come To Life 4. Blackout 5. Across The Field 6. Beautiful Explosion 7. Supernova 8. Century (Interlude) 9. Kingdom 10. F.O.O.L. 11. Home feat. Adamack 12. Run Away Tonight 13. Swallowed By The Ocean 14. Monster 15. Diamond Eyes (Outro) !DELUXE VERSION!: 16. Changed 17. Fire Fighting Heart 18. When You're Gone 19. Mistake 20. Phoenix 21. Soldier Of The Sun

I'm so excited about this release! It is my best work.

-Celestial Grounds