Buck Ellard / Blog


I love to play music. When I am playing a song, it transports me to another place. It's a way of saying something that I wouldn't be able to voice otherwise. It's soothing, invigorating and inviting. When I play something that moves a person to say to me, "I love that song", that's the greatest reward there is. I get to share joy that money can't buy. The music isn't about money. Money is just a means by which to be able to bring another show to people. To pay for strings or repair an instrument or even to buy a meal or fuel so I can play another show. If it were possible play nonstop, all over the country and world and not make a dime, but still be able to keep playing, I would do it in a heartbeat. Economics just won't allow for that. The music feeds my soul. I just love to play music. That's all! Buck