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new song called "Worse Than Dyin"

new tune, written by Rick and Pete, just waiting for some more guitars (like petes marshall) and some solos

I wanna rock n roll all nite, and party everyday

(or maybe just on fridays, saturdays are no good, I need to spend some time not focused on music, and our girls have soccer on sundays, and I dont like hangovers. Sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday are no good, cos I have to work the next day, thursdays are alright, but then Im so tired from my work week... Id rather sleep!) So maybe I just wanna rock n roll on friday, and party on friday too.

Its Whiskey King night tonight, first official full band rehearsal!

More Dogs Than Bones
More Dogs Than Bones  (over 5 years ago)

good to hear.......I'll see you guys next time.....thanks eh


10 more minutes

some of the guys will start arriving in like 10 minutes, ive just been writing some lyrics for a song idea Ill throw at them, its just a rocker, no deep political meanings or soulful insight in it (lol), Im calling it "i'll teat you right"... ITS JAMMIN TIME, WAHOOO!

time to start real rehearsals

been jammin for a couple months now, trying different guys. line up is almost complete after adding pete konrad on guitar, just looking for a full time drummer, and a keyboard player now. Think I know who the keyboard guy will be, drummers a different story, they seem to bee hard to find. Funny considering Im really a drummer, not a singer.

More Dogs Than Bones
More Dogs Than Bones  (almost 5 years ago)

sign me up bro....really enjoying jamming with you guys