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Casting Call - Ladies!

Casting Call / Acting Portfolio: Board Of Directors Muzik Entertainment is looking for attractive female model/ actresses to take part in a 3 to 5 minute music video for our next single. Our first single Actress on a Mattress is featured on 106 KMEL with thousands of video hits, on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape, and in local magazines. We expect to see even more exposure with our next single “Safari” and we’re offering YOU the opportunity to be a part of that. This is a great opportunity for someone looking for work for their reel or portfolios. The video is conservative/ no-nudity, and we are looking for serious inquiries only. This is a non-compensatory casting call. However, all selected models/actresses/dancers will be featured on our website (www.boardofdirectorsmuzik.com) with links to their contact information in order to help grow their portfolios as well as give them more exposure after being featured in our video. Filming will be done between August 4-5. Only one day is required. Deadline for entries is July 30th. If interested, please email bodmuzik@gmail.com with a brief history of experience and 2 photos of yourself from the waist up. Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to working with you.


We appreciate all of our fans who come out and support. Unlike the music world of the 90s and early 2000s every time you buy our music it directly puts more strength into our music. Every conversation, every download, every show ticket, it all adds to us growing as a company. So please continue to support us. The support changes the world. Everything you do as a fan matters. In all truth, you aren't just supporting music, you are supporting all those who have a dream. The dream that hard work and determination will lead to success. The dream that a strong mind and will can achieve a persons goals. The dream that everyone has a right to dream and accomplish. So Thank You for opening our avenue to succeed in life, and Thank You for keeping the portal open to make dreams a reality! Thank You for all dream seekers, from Bod Muzik Group.