The Album is official and he is definitely official! Pop R&B entertainer Majesty will release his prolific highly anticipated studio album SUSPENSE on TUESDAY APRIL 20TH! Suspense is like a soundtrack to an off the chain Suspensful thriller! Here is the back story and concept for the album: The Celebrity Majesty is being stalked by a crazed fan that is infactuated with his music, when one of Majesty's body guards finds her in his backstage dressing room after a restraining order is in place she is locked up in an insane asylum. 2 weeks goes by and Majesty is alone in his mansion safe and secure... or so he thinks, what he does not know is he is not alone anymore... someone has escaped from there patted room to join him... If she can't have Majesty, no one can! The album suspense is definitely a thrill ride featuring the club banger and debut single Dip and Dots and the sultry love ballad "Stay". Search R&B heartthrob Majesty on myspace music, facebook, and twitter!