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Drummer needed

We need you !! .......if youre a passionate and dedicated metalhead who loves bein onstage beating the crap outta your skins !!!!

We are looking to go overseas and spread our metal around and need a drummer to fill the ranks as our current drummer is moving onto guitar . Please inbox us if you are keen \m/


Hello fine ....The demo will be released in the next week.

We are just waiting to get our sausages on the studio cut tracks of 'Living Through' and "Silent Tornado" !!

The demo will contain the 3 tracks :

Trinity - Self recorded by the band members at the practise space

Living Through - Recorded with Matt from Deane Crescent

Silent Tornado - Recorded with Matt from Deane Crescent

Peace metal fiends \m/

Demo available end of April

Hello fine !!!

This is just to inform you headbangers that at the end of April 2011 Meimera Deiyi will be releasing their debut demo featuring the songs 'Trinity' .., 'Silent Tornado' & 'Living Through' !!!! There might be an additional track namely 'The Fall' if luck is on our side!!

This release is sure to cause waves in the underground scene as Meimera Deiyi's reputation over the last 6 months has grown considerably.The fact that they throw it down something vicious at every venue no matter the crowd size(as we know in SA is not always great hahahaha) plays a large factor in this happening for them.

Keep your ears to the underground & watch this space !!

\m/ \m/