This is an amazingly cool site. If only MySpace could have been anything 1/2 as good as this it would still be the preeminent relational site for bands. We honestly don't know if anyone comes here but are going to try to plug in and work it.

In case any of you didn't know, we're going indie. Are indie. Well... not officially but we are soon to be unentangled from the matrix. jk. WB were nice, but honestly - they never really believed in us. Ever hear an Eisley song on the radio? Not since we were signed. They did soft releases for us. Wish we'd been on an indie label all along.

If ever there was a time for bands to be indie, it is now; not referring to a genre' - talking about status not even necessarily on an indie label. We're speaking from a business standpoint... income earning marketing merch, keeping rights to your music, touring w/o having a major label 360˚ deal suck up your survival cash, not having to recoup (but never recouping), etc. etc. Distribution is in the hands of bands now via iTunes... even relational sites... direct on-line marketing, etc. CD sales plummeted another 20% this year. What do labels have? CD sales. But now they're going after every other revenue stream that belong to bands. Can't blame them for trying. It's going to backfire. You just think you heard anti-label rhetoric about "the man" from 1970 - 2005. Troublesome times for this industry.

And yet, unplugging completely isn't good. Publicity is critical. Indie can mean indievisable. We're digging around, exploring, knocking on a few doors... looking at options. SXSW is good for that. One way or other, we'll be putting out this (currently-nearly-finished) record this year - 2010.

Is anyone reading this? ha Ha...

Support Reverb Nation. It's an amazing tool. Cya.




The above link contains all the Spring Tour information, tickets, and venue links.

Hope to see you guys out on the road.


kreestalashplugen  (over 10 years ago)

canNot wait to see you guys!it's been too long .... it will have been almost 8 months since i'd seen you last! i am bringing new fans. the word is out.