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Giving Thanks - Show @ Sahara Lounge this Friday

Dear Friends,

The year is once again coming to a close. 2012 has been a very productive and inspiring year for us and you have played a big role in our evolution as a band. Thanks!

We played some beautiful shows with international folks like Tita Lima and Luisa Maita; we went into the studio and with the help of our kickstarter family we raised enough funds to release our full length 'Amoris Orbita'.

The record has been collecting rave reviews and radio play around the USA and parts of Europe. If that wasn't enough, the band was honored by the Mayor of the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX with our own 'Suns of Orpheus Day', on 08/23rd.

We are enthusiastic about the near future, about creating music together and sharing with you. We are working very hard to keep creating more material and to reach a higher platform.

We will end 2012 with 2 local shows in Austin, TX. This upcoming Friday, 11/16th at the Sahara Lounge we party with our Austinite family.

There are certainly a few festivals and high-profile events coming up in 2013, so be checking with us and we certainly will do our best to visit you soon.

Take care!

-Suns of Orpheus

Welcome! EP RELEASE party @ the Mohawk!

Hello dear friends! Thanks for joining us and for giving us your support! As we travel through this road of sounds we are happy to have you along for the ride!

We are thrilled to have finished our first recording project, a self-titled EP recorded at the awesome 'Pirate Studios' in Austin, the Live Music capital of the World.

Join us for our very first show this upcoming Saturday @ the Mohawk (www.mohawkaustin.com) with guests La Guerrilla and Martín Perna of Ocote Soul Sounds.

Thank you and blessings!