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Hemet Elks Lodge

Beware when booking the Hemet Elks lodge. Make sure the contract is signed by a trustee. Otherwise, every person you talk to is in charge and they will tell you the person has no authority to sign contracts- even though they are the booking person. They are a 3rd rate organization that makes the National Elks look bad. The Elk of the year is very arrogant and apparently has her own agenda. If you are not an Elk -she wants nothing to do with you. That is not a very good way to promote the lodge.

Doreen Pinkerton
Doreen Pinkerton  (over 4 years ago)

Wow, Al, You are very bold! Way to speak the truth!

Problems with RN

Due to the arrogance of this site, I have removed my songs from here and posted them on my website http://alwardmusic.webs.com/ for sale there. RN will get no more of my money because of the way they treat the artists. Another money hungry site that has a bunch of chimps running it

The Fathers son song

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