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Star Traveller - Pure Imagination promo vid feature

I recently discovered that a good friend of mine featured one of my songs (Star Traveller) on this nice promotional YouTube video for his new growing family entertainment business called "Pure Imagination" located in Lake Grove, NY.

Click on the link below to view: https://youtu.be/lPfvgRCgAJI ___________________________________

About Pure Imagination

In Lake Grove, New York, Pure Imagination is a party center that offers services to Long Island and the surrounding areas. We specialize in creating magical experiences with our children's party themes, and we have a variety of different kinds of parties to choose from. We do themed parties geared towards your child's particular interests. For an even more interactive experience, we offer staged and theatrical party options where children can take part in karaoke or acting on stage. Our goal is to ensure that your child's party is a chance for their dreams to come true. We're a unique, artistic, and creative party center that can create a party that reflects the interests and dreams of any child. We don't only do parties for children; we're also starting to expand to offering parties for parents. ___________________________________

It is an honor and a pleasure to have my music shared and featured by others...in this case, I feel that this song captures appropriately the vibe of one's desire to dream and create beautiful worlds with the magic of pure imagination!

For more info on Pure Imagination, or if you are interested in booking an event with them, please feel free to contact Dean Moraitakis:

Address: 2807 Middle Country Road Lake Grove, NY 11755 phone: (631) 699-5191 web: http://www.pureimaginationny.com/

Bandcamp - music now available

New Music page - Bandcamp

I've mentioned a bit about it on my latest news post but I would like to proudly announce my brand new Bandcamp music page! I've finally got around to creating it and my music is now also available on the popular Bandcamp music website. What's great about it is that you can directly help support your favorite musical artists and purchase their music right from the source. No middle man, no online store logins, just straight direct-from-artist musical interaction...it brings that added personal touch of connection to the listener when checking out their favorite selections!

Please click on the provided link below to take you to my official Bandcamp page and start looking around - Thanks for the support! :-)


ARRIZZA - Special Concert Series presentation - Sept 16 @ 7pm

"Passion, Fire, Soul" - Long Island's Spanish guitar extraordinaire, Arrizza, will be showcasing a special musical presentation to kickstart off the South Country Library's annual Summer/Fall Concert Series - Join us for a wonderful evening of original Spanish guitar music to set the mood for "Hispanic Heritage Month" - Experience a one-of-a-kind musical adventure narrated by the local Latin/New Age/World guitarist and composer as he transports the listener through a world of allure, mystery and beauty. At once captivating and soulful, spanning across different moods and styles from the fiery sounds of Nouveau Flamenco/Rumba, to the more ethereal and tender lush textures of romantic New Age fantasy with touches of World Exotica - Each piece is but a small chapter to an hour-long story, unfolding a beautiful tapestry of musical tales that inspire the listener to explore the inner facets of imagination, heart & spirit - and to "DANCE"

This will be a "ONE NIGHT ONLY" presentation, so be sure to come on down and be a part in the musical fiesta! - CD SALE (and refreshments) AFTER THE SHOW -

South Country Library 22 Station Rd. Bellport, NY 11713 (close to Bellport Middle School and Kramer St)

Mark Barnwell - "Mandala" (new collaboration)

My fellow good friend, U.K. Spanish guitarist Mark Barnwell's newest album "Mandala" has been officially released and is NOW AVAILABLE on his official website. Featuring 10 beautifully crafted songs accompanied by some of the best top class musicians from across the globe such as Incendio and U.K. Smooth Flamenco guitarist, Al Marconi -

It has been a real pleasure and an honor to be a part of such an amazing collaboration (my second one one with Mark - I was also featured on his previous release, "Ojos de la Tierra") and it was equally amazing to see how it all materialized in such a serendipitous manner. I remember sometime in the Fall of last year, "el marco" (as I call him, hehe) reached out to me with new song ideas while he was writing new material for his upcoming new album project. I was excited and more than happy to join in and work on the collaboration! As it unfolded, I realized at what an epic project it became when little did I know that I soon, via the wonders of digital technology and the internet, would also be on board with the core members of Spanish guitar World-fusion musical group, "Incendio" - a fantastic band from California I had admired and looked up to as a source of inspiration for several years now since the mid 2000's - at a time when I was yet still learning my craft. I had just met them in person only two months or so before I had known about the Mandala project, I was humbled and blown away upon the discovery. As it went on developing, more amazing musicians joined in such as Al Marconi, Ramon Yslas, Chris MaGrath...the very title, Mandala, representing the interconnected-ness of all life and existence, seemed to have been the most perfect one coined.

I feature on one song, Sahara - Track #9 - playing an exotic stringed instrument from Turkey, called the "bağlama saz" (a long-necked version of its namesake, a direct relative of the Greek Bouzouki which is also a long-necked stringed instrument...similar to a mandola or mandolin). It adds a real distinct flavor of 'exotica' tn the song; the icing of the musical cake.

Mark is an extraordinary guitarist and composer, I highly recommend checking him out and taking a listen! (www.markbarnwell.com)

Late Summer/Early Fall 2016 - music news update

Hola amigos y amigas! - I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer so far, tis' the time for beach parties, swimming, backyard barbecue family get-togethers AND...you guessed it - LIVE MUSICA!

What would summer be without wonderful evenings full of live musical fiestas filling up the warm balmy air? That's right! - The summer music season is well underway and I'm excited to share that there are some wonderful summer events coming up. My last performance with local South American musical group, Tumi Arts, was an AWESOME EVENING! - played a set of a few original pieces and then later joined with the guys in a wonderful musical fiesta that the crowded responded to with lots of dancing, toe-tappin' and some shout-outs - It's been always a wonderful and always unique experience every show, thanks to Tumi Arts for having me aboard! (And special thanks to the folks who stayed and joined with us!!) - I also appeared at this year's Greek festival at St. John's Greek Orthodox church in Blue Point, NY...where I showcased a few traditional Greek numbers along with originals for the crowd who were very responsive and appreciative. Starting things off opening up for the Astoria-based Asteri Entertainment band (the hottest Greek band in the Tri-State area) was indeed one of the highlights and an honor!

I have also been performing alongside Nuevo Flamenco Spanish guitarist, Victor Tarassov, with the Tarassov Trio on rhythm guitar. We performed together at a real awesome brand new venue located in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - Encore NYC restaurant/lounge - a very unique and fancy locale (complete with a cool state-of-the-art stage, lights and all!) - It was a great time we had and I look forward to playing here with the guys again in the very near future...SPLENDID! - We've also recently just performed at the lovely Iron Plow Vineyards in Columbus, NJ to a wonderful intimate audience last Friday - What was very unique was the fact that the weather also had an unexpected element to the event which created a one-of-a-kind show! It was a wonderful time we all had...

And last but not least, the South Country Library will be hosting their annual Summer Concert Series beginning later in September. I have arranged an event with the library and will be kickstarting it off with a special "ONE NIGHT ONLY" live concert performance for "Hispanic Heritage Month" - so totally excited about this one! - Sept 16 @ 7pm - MARK YOUR CALENDARS, THIS WILL BE ONE NOT TO MISS!!!! (visit: www.guitarraarrizza.com for more details)

UPDATE - My good friend, U.K. Spanish guitarist Mark Barnwell's, newest album "Mandala" has been released and is NOW AVAILABLE on his official website. Featuring 10 beautifully crafted songs accompanied by some of the best top class musicians from across the globe. I play on the epic song, "Sahara" (track #9) with some Spanish guitar and a Turkish stringed instrument called the Saz. It has been a real honor and pleasure to be featured on this wonderful collaboration of artists and I am truly grateful to be a part of it! :-)

Mark is an extraordinary guitarist and composer, I highly recommend checking him out and taking a listen! (www.markbarnwell.com)

Peace and Blessings, Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)

Mother's Day Special - CD BABY (TODAY ONLY)

Here's wishing a joyous and blessed Happy Mother's Day to all the precious mothers, moms, mamas out there! - Today is a special day, so why not surprise mother with a special gift that will bring light & joy to her heart? - Just for today, you can download a FREE COPY - Yes you heard it, a free digital download of the whole album at zero cost! - In addition to that, the CD version is also on sale for only $9.99! (plus 10% off with purchase of two or more) - HURRY, as this special offer will not last!!!

To purchase the CD or download your free copy, please click on the link below - Get it while you can! (sale valid from CD BABY - 5/8 only)


*for new customers, there's no need to sign up! - simply fill out your name and e-mail address on the right-hand side of the screen upon checkout.

Spring 2016 - music news update

Hola mis amigos y amigas! - Spring has finally arrived, which means longer days, warmer weather...and that means - CONCIERTO TIME! - I've recently been enjoying my time at the local library (South Country Library) performing at their monthly Open Mic Nite Series held every last Thursday of every month hosted by librarian/musical coordinator, Patrick O' Leary. It has been a wonderful experience - not only performing my original set, but also sharing the stage with some talented local musicians that have come to share their own music with the audience who have been very encouraging and attentive. Everyone has a good ol' time, so if you're in the area, please feel free to stop by the South Country Library located in Bellport, NY to enjoy some nice musica!

In addition, a live concert series hosted by the library is in the works for sometime in late summer/early Autumn - I will post details as the news develops, some exciting times ahead!

I will also be performing alongside Nuevo Flamenco Spanish guitarist, Victor Tarassov and World percussionist, Obi Kaye - with the Tarassov Trio on guitar. These guys are awesome and it's a pleasure to be performing with them once again! - Check the schedule list above or click on "shows/gigs" for more detailed information.

On the recording front, I previously mentioned about collaborating with the amazing U.K. Spanish guitarist, Mark Barnwell (www.markbarnwell.com) on his upcoming new album, Mandala. Recording has been completed and is now in the mixing/mastering stages with a release date set very soon - I am also very excited!!!

Peace and Blessings, Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)

Valentine's Day Sale - limited time only!


Valentine's day is right around the corner! - What better way to celebrate the day of "amor" than with some romantic Spanish guitar music to set the mood? Right now, you can purchase a copy of the album, "Arrizza" for the price of just $9.99, as well as a 10% discount off the total amount with purchase of a second one or more! - Kick back, relax, have a bottle of champagne and have the chocolates ready - enjoy the soothing sensual sounds of Spanish guitar.

Sale is from CD BABY and direct from website ONLY - click on the link below to go to CD BABY. (If purchased direct, a signed copy is also available per request. To buy, just shoot me an e-mail at arrizza@live.com, thanks!) -

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/arrizza http://www.guitarraarrizza.com

early 2016 website + music news

Happy New Year! - Feliz Ano Nuevo!

As the new year begins, a couple of exciting new things to announce! You may have noticed a few features on the website that have been added on or upgraded (such as the new twitter and newly-optimized "shows" widgets). These are some of the small incremental changes that will be gradually implemented on the site as new features will be added little by little. Striving to make things a little more interactive for the visitor, plans for the upcoming months include: a new separate personal blog to be called, "Arrizza's Journal" which will be updated periodically, with personal entries that will present a more intimate and personal side - "the artist-behind-the-music" sort of speaking. Another blog with inspirational quotes will also be online, featuring numerous archived sayings from some of the wise men and women around the world who have inspired with their powerful words. And the newsletters that are sent out periodically will also feature a little "quote of inspiration" on the bottom of each one, with aims of inspiring others!

In the "Media" section, several bonus clips will be added including some unreleased material that was recorded several years ago that hasn't been shown to the public, so watch this space for those! MUSIC UPDATES: Well the first leg of 2016 is already starting to pick up, as I have recently been involved with some exciting side projects that have been coming to fruition, including a collaboration with local L.I. Progressive Metal/Rock group, "Hypocritical Oath" - assisting in the production of their first EP, as well as laying down some electric guitar (a first for me!) - It should be rather fun! In addition, I will once again be co-collaborating on two songs with U.K. Spanish guitarist, Mark Barnwell (www.markbarnwell.com) on his upcoming new album, Mandala, featuring some of the best top-class musicians around! - Please be sure to visit Mark's website for the latest news...also be sure to check out his music as well!

And last thing to mention, as a reminder, upcoming gigs will be posted on the front of my home page, as well as on the side widget entitled, "Conciertos" - they'll be announced as soon as they are set - SEE YA! Peace and Blessings, Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)

New Year + New year's week sale (LAST DAY)

To my friends and fans from across the globe,

First of all, I would like to wish a happy and healthy new year - may it bring much new exciting adventures and rewarding experiences! - Each beginning of the year allows one to reflect on the moments had as we bid farewell to an old year and welcome a new one with open arms. And embracing the changes that come along with it as well...

Secondly, I would like to take this time to express my deepest gratitude to all who have been so supportive to me throughout the past few years - those who have signed up on the mailing list, have gotten copies of my CDs, shared my music to others....and above all...have shown me the warmth and kindness of their heart - something that I do cherish and treasure from within....From me to you, I say, Thank You!

May it be a blessed and prosperous one, as we head into 2016 with new hopes...and new experiences abound!! - HAPPY NEW YEAR -

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" - Buddha



The holidays are just about over - but that doesn't mean the fun and music has to! The album "Arrizza" will still be available at a reduced price - yours for only $9.99!! (plus an additional 10% off with a purchase of two or more CDs) - Makes a GREAT post-holiday gift - BUT HURRY! SALE ENDS SOON - (LAST DAY IS JAN 6)