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Meeting Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa

So Chancellor Bennett, known as the Chicago artist Chance The Rapper, hosted an open mic event at the Youth Cultural Center in the downtown windy city on 78 E Washington Street. I showed up with my back pack, gloves, phone and my ex girlfriends keyboard. 24 hours prior the performance I was on that good ol cush packed greyhound listening to J Cole, Frank Ocean, Eric Clapton, Kanye, on my friends Ipod Classic that I borrowed without asking... Ha yea eat a d John. So I left my home in Maryland to perform in front of Chance, and I meet so many different artist that wanted to perform for Chance. When I get there I meet Vic Mensa. These artist are the most genuine, helpful people I've ever met, but any ways out of the 500 artist waiting to perform he chose ten. A couple singers, a couple dancers, a couple poets, and a couple rappers. Nine people just performed in front of me. I'm thinking to my self.. "did I just pay $300 to not be able to perform in front of these celebrities? I'm the only person in the venue with a keyboard which Chances staff set up on stage hours before the performance. I make eye contact with Chance, and then I see him whisper in the ear of one his staff. That staff walked up to where I was sitting five minutes later, asked me for my name and ten minutes later I was on stage. The crowd was wild for my performance. The best part was hearing Chance grunting like he liked what I was doing no homo lololol. I'm putting the performance up tonight. Well I had five extra minutes to write about this. I just wanted to semi share my experience.


East coast musician produces music, performs music in Coze Say Lebra: (@cozesaylebra) A hip-hop, electric dadaist group. #1 In France # 33 in the world. I'm seventeen years old. I study music theory. I play many sorts of instruments. I produce music, and rapping helps boost creativeness.