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Interview with METAL REMAINS

An interview we conducted with the page Metal Remains - July 21 2013 .... I had the pleasure of Speaking with Fragile Existence

MR-How did you start out as a musician

Fragile Existence

All of the members of the band have been playing metal for the better part of their lives. While we each have individual (though probably quite similar) stories of how we came to be metal musicians, it was Dan Glover (lead vocals/guitars) who created the concept of Fragile Existence. Eric Machacek (lead guitars/backing vocals) joining the band helped shaped the sound further, and various other musicians came and went as the band shaped into the form it is today.

MR-What record companies had an interest in you

Fragile Existence

While we have had interest from several labels coming from many different parts of the world, it would not be right to mention them here as we have rejected all so far. The independent model works fine for the band as it is now, and we are not likely to change unless a deal were to come along that was truly to our benefit.

MR-What bands are you influenced by?

Fragile Existence

Since each band member comes from a unique and diverse musical background, a complete list of musicians who have influenced us would be massive. This diversity shows through in our music as well, especially when we take our departures from what is traditionally called "death metal". However, some of the more obvious artists who come to mind are Death, Carcass, Suffocation, Nevermore, Jason Becker, Zakk Wylde/BLS, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, etc..

MR-What bands have you toured with?

Fragile Existence

While we have not done any extensive touring yet, we have had the opportunity to share the stage with many awesome artists. Some favourites among the band would be QC's Beyond Creation, as well as our fellow Toronto slammers The Unborn Dead. Again, the full list would be huge.

MR-Where is your favorite place to record? Fragile Existence

So far the band has preferred to record themselves remotely across several locations in the city. Since Matt (bass guitar) also runs a home studio much of the work is done there, but the ability to make the work portable allows for a greater choice when it comes to room sound and atmosphere. Dan's loft is also a common choice when seeking big sound and copious beer supply.

MR-How many albums do you have out?

Fragile Existence We released our debut album "Departing The Damned" last year, and are currently writing the follow up. While no specific recording date has been set yet, ideally the album would be released sometime in early 2014. Interested people should keep an eye on our Facebook page for more announcements regarding new material, and maybe even some behind-the-scenes material from the recording process.

MR-Where is the best way for fans to buy your music?

Fragile Existence

Fans can buy music directly from us, either by download on our Bandcamp page: fragileexistence.bandcamp.com or on CD from our webstore at: fragileexistence.bigcartel.com We also have t-shirts and package deals when purchased together. Our CD is also carried in many major online distros, if you have a preferred shop it may already be there. If not, get in their ears and request it!

Thanks guys it was a pleasure speaking with you \m/


So I guess it's no secret that we're currently working on writing a new album. In fact, if you've seen us live at any point in 2013 you've probably heard a good 50% of the material that will be appearing on the next record. Everything has been clicking really well with the new lineup, and the response from you guys to the new songs has been amazing. We can't thank you all enough for the support!