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First Aid 4 Souls – Deathstep –Digital Version- is now available for downloa

First Aid 4 Souls – Deathstep –Digital Version- is now available for download!

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-First Aid 4 Souls Team & Electro Arc Label-

First Aid 4 Souls – Deathstep -2011- (Electro Arc Label) Germany

First Aid 4 Souls – Deathstep -2011- (Electro Arc Label) Germany EAN Code: 4050486040898 Catalog No.: 1001019 Release date: April, 2011 Label: Electro Arc Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Industrial Cover Art: Gábor All music by: István Gazdag


01 You Are In A Box 02 Among Strangers 03 No More Smile 04 Agony 05 The Watchman's Circle I 06 Lifeforce 07 Sekuhara 08 House Harkonnen 09 Notes From Underground 10 Wrong Call To God 11 No Mercy (Cybertears Mix) 12 Seelenlos (Deathstep Version) 13 The Watchman's Circle II 14 Soulscape 15 The End Of Culture

Singers: Katalin Helfenbein, Aaron Russell (Impurfekt), Mark Duffield (I Am One), Mir Colon (Kifoth), David Konsiczky, Istvan Gazdag

Everyone is talking about the „generation facebook"; a movement which expresses its protest, anger, and even its battle not only on the streets but in particular by using the new electronic media.

Following this movement, FA4S contributes the adequate soundtrack with their new album „Deathstep".

The new release is even more aggressive, compared to their last one, „Brutpop".

It is obvious that FA4S has a lot to say.

Doomsday-watch shows 5 to 12 ,the civilisation is approaching abysm and hence its death.

But, it's not too late. Gloomy is the scenery, indicating a possible futur between value-deteriaration and pseudo mass-entertainment. Daunting and not at all beautiful. With aggressive rythms and distorted vocals FA4S wants to awake us from the tawdry TV entertainment.

Atmospherical sounds with elements of ethno-rythm, classical strings and samples from computer games and SciFi-Effects. Make „Deathstep" not only being mainly EBM orientated, but also offering elements of a radio drama.

Combining creative potential from american, english, german, slovakian, hungarian and japanese musicians FA4S sets new priorities and emphasizes a multicultural project.

FA4S are angry about the threatening deteriaration of our planet and mankind. Angry enough to even not shy away from heavy „punk-attacks" in conjunction with EBM and industrial sounds on their new release „Deathstep.

On the other hand FA4S remain truly with their unique feature of soul and feeling within electronical sounds , which is expressed even more in their detailed and atmospherical arrangements , sounds and samples, as in their vocals and extremly danceable rythms.

„Deathstep" ist the musical basis and last emotional rebellion of the so called „generation facebook". A foundation where they finally find their own music, the sound for the streets, the internet and their clubs. Considering the generation of bloggers, the cultural superstructur is quite intelligent. By all means eloquent, they claim to be influenced by Kafka, Dostojewski and Lovecraft

Deathstep is a fighting dance performed by musicians who won't dismiss this world without resistance. It is loud, tempting, emotional and atmospherical.

Let's fight together with FA4S , it makes awful lot of fun. http://www.amazon.com/Deathstep/dp/B004PVSANE








First Aid 4 Souls+++

I was/am responsible for the musical background and the vocals. I have been dealing with electronic music for 20 years now. I have been collecting electric soundmaking and manipulating gadgets since 1985. I have been able to build up a considerable own studio by now (I prefer Korg instruments), so I can practically provide everything for the bands from composing songs to mastering. I also play/work in other bands. I would particularly mention Terra Incognita and my cyber project, The Last European. I had the opportunity to work with several great Hungarian artists and I have composed music for ballet and films, media signals and main titles as well. First Aid 4 Souls makes an effort to preserve and continue the results of almost 20 years, relying on this intellectual and technical background. The intellectuality and the roots of the band are relying on the great achievements of the European culture and history of ideas from classical philosophy (Heraclitus, Plato) through Hegel. This is a kind of identification with their intellectual frequency and the band is proud of its European nature. As for transcendentality, religious philosophical and magical traditions also appear, but the band definitely refuses shallow Satanism and New Age attitude as well. Maintaining the spiritual, mental balance is of great importance to us. We are constantly seeking the way out, the essence behind the existence believed to be reality. On the one hand, the process of creation is an opportunity for us to arrange our principles and thoughts consciously during the process and on the other hand we would like to give rise to the thoughts of others on deliberateness with our performance. The band attempts to give help in acquiring knowledge about ourselves and our role in the existence in a way that does not intends to control but gives rise to independent thoughts and desires in the listeners mind. I am aiming for this kind of completeness while writing and constructing the music. Every dark tone has a little light in it and even the most relieved moments contain a pinch of pain. We make efforts to counterpoint the relative monotony of electronic music with live musical instruments and drums. My effect-like sick vocals are counterpointed by the clear voice and skilled drumplay of Katalin Helfenbein. Also, several lyrics are written by Kati and her deep humanity and resounding talent contributes a lot to the band. Attila Pálfalvy is our third stable member. Attila is a permanent soloist of the Hungarian musical theatre and also the drummer of the industrial band WFS. He is a real multitalent in musical instruments and vocals. While the soul is Kati and the will is me, the knowledge in the band is him. His theatrical vocals and precise skills in playing the drums rise the role of the human factor in the band to a higher extent. While I make a survey of the causes and effects of alienation sometimes with brutal solutions, they put emphasis on the constant importance of humanity. István Drimál philosopher is our intellectual support and Szük Norbert, the painter of extraordinary talent is responsible for the high-level visuality, still. In musicality, FA4S also relies on several kinds of tradition. We deliberately mix the fine brutality of noise music with the psychedelic pulsation of trance, the rich melodies of new wave and the strict grinding of industrial metal. We do not intend to suit any category, the current trends have no effect on us at all. I have established the record label Sound & Chord for supporting the similarly thinking independent bands and which would like to give a boost to those talented bands who deserve it, on non-profit bases. With regards, István Gazdag

-The Golden Our Lord’s Prayer-

-The Golden Our Lord’s Prayer-

New Track:

-The Golden Our Lord's Prayer- First Aid 4 Souls & Kertesz Madalina.-

Csángó Hungarians are living now as a proud minority torn apart from the Hungarian Nation, but guarding proudly and consciously their ancestors' heritage and attitude. The Golden Our Lord's Prayer is sung by Melida Kertész, who has such a beautiful and natural voice which is rare to find elsewhere. I was deeply touched and got carried away by the fate of the Csángós and the untainted, honest beauty and devotion that comes through from the recording. I composed to this unique voice my music to draw attention - also by this way - to the situation and wonderful culture of the Csángós.

I commend this track to all the people who are living far away from their homes, their loved ones and I hope that it will give them solace and strength.

If you are interested you can find further information about this folk's history and everyday life by clicking on the following link. http://www.csango.ro/hu_a037.htm


The song was performed by Melinda Kertész at the occasion of the Csángó Hungarian Association's Folksong Competition held near the river Szeret.

You can listen to the original version by following this link to the Association's website:


With kindest regards:

Istvan Gazdag