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Maja 7th | Dominique Larue * 'GRAND' (Album)

After over a year of working this project aptly titled 'GRAND,' Anderson, IN born and raised producer Maja 7th and Columbus, OH's own Dominique Larue as a newly formed duo, have put together an 8 track extended play of cohesive rhymes and production. Maja 7th is the epitome of musicality with his background in music theory, aswell as being highly skilled on piano, french horn and trumpet. This one producer, one emcee project brings you some of Dominique Larue's most personal lyrics to date with songs like'Freedom' and 'Feels Good,' the album also showcases her fun side and highlights her underrated storytelling ability. 'GRAND' has minimal collaborations with only Columbus based artist features, in Valure, Micah Robinson and Kim Joyce, which first and foremost allows Dominique Larue to convey her own brand of raw emotion on each song alot more freely than some of her previous offerings, over this well crafted, distinctive Maja 7th soundscape. The #GRAND album release party will be held on March 15th in Indianapolis, Indiana at Sabbitcal, presented by BringingDownTheBand.com, there will also be a Columbus, Ohio release party this April 4th at Double Happiness. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/grand/id835930272

Maja7th | Dominique Larue - #SOON

With #GRAND on the horizon, Maja7th and Dominique Larue decided to release #SOON as a teaser back in April and after garnering great reviews, shooting a video for the song was necessary. Larue then linked with director Mario Hensley who was able to bring #SOON to life with its colors and Larue's ability to command the viewers attention. Stay tuned for more updates concerning #GRAND in the near future.


D/Will & Dominique Larue Presents diem.

Eight months after organically assembling diem., D/Will & Dominique Larue felt like the less pressure, the better. After knowing each other for five years and developing a musical chemistry with Larue being in Ohio and D/Will being in Missouri, following up their 2010 EP, carpe. (presented by RockTheDub.com) could only come at ease. diem. certainly has a relaxed undertone with Ms. Larue showing her emotional struggles on songs like I'm Good and telling vivid stories on The Boulevard. They were also able to capture a lighthearted Larue on Make Love/Make War and her a little cocky on But I Will. Regardless, the goal is satisfy the listener with a multitude of ideas on 7 tracks with the privilege of not skipping a track.

Download diem. http://laruewill.com/album/diem-2

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Watch Circulate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAMQwSnLMWk

Dominique Larue & D/Will Drop First Leak of, "diem."


The first leak of their upcoming project, diem., is Larue painting picture over D/Will's production of dealing with the ills of society. Taken from a sample that we're all familiar with but yet flipped in a way where Larue rides the beat perfectly while being clear with the point she is trying to make, we never let the dollar circulate.


Part two of their carpe. diem. series, set to be released sometime in April, is almost opposite of it's predecessor with a more relaxed under-tone. Although they are in different states, D/Will in Missouri and Larue in Ohio, the duo has been able to obtain a chemistry that shows throughout their history together. Please stay tuned because there is more to come.

circulate. http://laruewill.com/track/circulate

carpe. diem. http://www.laruewill.com

D/Will & Dominique Larue - Circulate (Remix) featuring M-Dot & Boycott Blues

With diem. on the brink of being released, Larue & D/Will decided to link up with Boston emcees M-Dot and Boycott Blues for the remix of their lead single, Circulate. Going along the same lines as the original, all three emcees capture the idea of succombing to the pressures of sheer survival. Though Circulate Remix is the second time Larue and M-Dot have linked up, it is the first for her and Boycott. And with all three on the same track, it can only mean that they will be linking up again in the near future.

http://laruewill.com/track/circulate-remix-featuring-m-dot-boycott-blues Hulkshare: http://www.hulkshare.com/coma46pf55al

Stay tuned for the video for Circulate and the release of .diem in the very near future. The song will also appear on M-Dot's "Layer Cake" mixtape slated for release next week.




D/Will & Dominique Larue Presents Circulate (Video)

D/Will & Dominique Larue team up again to bring their listeners, diem., their follow-up to carpe. scheduled to be released on 07/10/12 via Bandcamp. Their leading single, Circulate, was release in March 2012 garnering much attention from bloggers, djs, and fans.


With the help of director Chuck You, D/Will & Larue were able to capture the idea behind, Circulate, with images of life in the lower income areas in Columbus, Ohio. They also capture the journey of a young boy trying to provide for his family while risking his life. Until the release of the full project in July, please enjoy their first video from diem.


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Dominique Larue Presents, "From Ohio With Love" Free Download

Dominique Larue Presents


Free Download

After days of deliberation, Dominique Larue decided to present her 2009 album, From Ohio With Love, as a free download. The album gives a laid back feel with songs like Home giving listeners Larue's prospective of life in Columbus, Ohio where she is born and raised. Larue also shows aggressiveness on several tracks such as So Severe, and Bang It Out but changes pace with Tonight, Spanish Joint, and One Woman Man. From Ohio With Love features production from !llmind, Kev Brown, J.Rawls, Lee Bannon and many more with guest verses from John Robinson, Cyrano Sinatra, and J.Osceola. The album is considered old to Larue given that she has dropped four projects since then but it will definitely be new to many people.

1.) Intro (Produced by Ghost Rydah) 2.) Home (Produced by Kev Brown) 3.) 1's Up (Part Two) featuring John Robinson (Produced by D.R.) 4.) So Severe (Produced by Severe) 5.) Okay featuring Kim Joyce (Produced by !llmind) 6.) Bang It Out (Produced by D/Will) 7.) Spanish Joint featuring Dav Julca (Produced by J.Rawls) 8.) The Struggle (Produced by drielb) 9.) Give It 2 Me featuring J.Osceola (Produced by Dub 00) 10.) Tonight featuring Kim Joyce (Produced by drielb) 11.) Rule The World (Produced by drielb) 12.) One Woman Man (Produced by Lee Bannon) 13.) Cipher featuring Hood Apostle, Cyrano Sinatra, and Radius (Produced by Severe) 14.) Outro (Produced by Ghost Rydah)

From Ohio With Love Free Download http://www.hulkshare.com/2cy33pv8bcti

Stream http://dlaruemusic.bandcamp.com

Larue is scheduled to drop Diem, part two of Carpe', both solely produced by D/Will, March 2012.

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DUB MD PRESENTS Dominique Larue The Sam Jackson Project Hosted by DJ Booth

The "Sam Jackson Project" is Dominique Larue's 6th project to date, the difference with this one is she's brought along the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. This is to be considered an "Ode to Sam," with a collection of quality rhymes/production, while she intertwines quotes from her favorite Sam Jackson movie appearances. Larue wants to achieve two goals with this project, make people laugh and keep everything rough, rugged, and raw. With the help of DJBooth and Dub MD, Larue was able to make the project come to life... With the collection of Samuel Jackson's best known quotes from 1972-Present Day, infused and brought to life by Columbus, Ohio's own DJ Bern on the cuts. This project also features some incredible production and features with the likes of M-Dot, Revalation and Add-2, and the bulk of production handled by Fliccs, Severe and Onederkid. 01.) Rough Intro (Cuts By DJ Bern) 02.) Sam Jackson (Produced By King Mickey) 03.) Dope Sh#t: Revisited (Produced By Fliccs) 04.) We Are (feat. M-Dot & Revalation) (Produced by Onederkid) 05.) Lakeview Terrace (Produced by D-Que Beats) 06.) Undesirable No. 1 (Produced by Greg Beasley) 07.) Murderer (feat. Add-2) (Produced by Severe) 08.) F*ck School (Produced by Onederkid) 09.) Marcellus Wallace (Produced by D-Que Beats) http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/dominique-larue-sam-jackson/

DUB MD PRESENTS: Dominique Larue - Murderer feat. Add-2 {Produced by Severe}

In June, Dominique Larue released the first of two leaks feat. M-Dot and Revalation, leak #2 "Murderer" she joins forces with Chicago's Add-2, with the soundscape provided by Swedish producer Severe. Both artists exposing their tongue twisting capabilities, hard drums and baseline, fans are in for a pleasant surprise, while emcees are in for a rude awakening. http://www.hulkshare.com/4zhg2okkh52a Its been over a year since Dub MD and Dominique Larue linked, cometh 2011 and they reconnect once again, this time they've brought "Sam Jackson" with them. Inspired by Samuel L. Jackson's movies, Larue decided to put together a commemorative project full of Jackson's infamous/classic quotes with cuts by DJ Bern, available online August 29th.

We Are featuring M-Dot and Revalation (Produced by Onederkid)

Greetings! After many scheduling setbacks, Dominique Larue finally drops the first of two leaks off of The Sam Jackson Project. We Are features Boston's very own M-Dot (Winner of 2010 "Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" at 23rd Annual Boston Music Awards) and Revalation of EMS with production from Onederkid hailing from Dade County. The Sam Jackson Project is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2011 with Dub MD Promotions and cuts by DJ Bern from Larue's hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Stay tuned! We Are feat. MDot & Revalation (Produced by Onederkid) http://www.sendspace.com/file/slq6qs M-Dot http://www.twitter.com/MDotBoston Revalation http://www.twitter.com/RevofEMS Onederkid http://www.soundcloud.com/okprods Dominique Larue http://dlaruemusic.bandcamp.com http://www.twitter.com/dlaruemusic