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GrindSole was originally formed mid January of 2010. Drummer, Johnny Lane, prior member of a well established local band, "Lust Greeds Envy (L.G.E.)", reunited guitarist Ryan Green with drummer Don Martinez.

Ryan and Don were in a previous band called "Izrafil". Johnny somehow landed an old, forgotten 3 song musical demo in his hand of the Izrafil project. He was impressed with the off time latin tribal influenced beats, the choppy-crunchy metal riffs, as well as the melodic flowing chord progressions put together by Don and Ryan.

Johnny has always desired to be a lead singer despite his admirable drumming skills. He took it upon himself to write lyrics to a song and introduced it to Don and Ryan.

The three met up mid January in a cold garage with the equipment, a propane heater, a desire for a new project and a new sound. ...And let's not forget about the ice cold keg of beer. From that day forward they never looked back.

A few months into the project they began to search for bass players. After a few tryouts and failed attempts they all put their heads together and gave an old buddy, Dan Longstreet a call. Dan is a well rounded musician. He is the former bass player and lead singer to a band called "Bogart". Dan has been in GrindSole since early May, 2010.

GrindSole has the drive and dedication to remain focused and keep their heads on straight throughout these tough economic times. They anticipate being widely recognized and accepted in the local and regional music scene. .

Each individual in the band can play more than one instrument and are able to sing and write lyrics. Because of their dynamic sound, this band may have a bright future and an edge that many bands lack. .

Wth all that being said, listen to the music uploaded. Keep in mind that this is a live practice recording in the band's main practice studio which does lack quality.

Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing all of our friends and fans grow as we grind your soles into the ground creating this new project called "GRINDSOLE."