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We are off for the month of May going to be working on some new material.

Release Date

Approaching Dawns Debut Album "Evolution of Reality" Releases on June 23rd 2012! Find it at all online locations... i-tunes, Amazon, CD baby.. Ect, ect.. and you can purchase physical copies through us or online vendors.

E.O.R. "Evolution of Reality" Release date

Here is another update!! We will be releasing a date for Evolution of Reality a little later today "June 1st" 2012 and also we are going to release another demo it's our Title Track "Evolution of Reality" for download on June 9th! next Saturday!!! Keep checking back the time is finally here!!


We should be wrapping up studio this week or possibly next week lol. Putting the finishing touches on and then off to Mix and Master!

Evolution of Reality

Things are happening! Made it through almost all of the instrument recordings and finishing vocal tracks...

Sept 11th,2011

Freedom! I think we forget about it sometimes?! Great show last night at Hattrix in Kenosha Wis. Thanks to Peguins With Shotguns for having us out and thanks to Hattrix!

Aug 27th, 2011

We had a amazing time tonite at Penny Road Pub! Played out first show... I have to say it was a great performace for our first time out. Our next show is Sept 10th, at Hattrix in Kenosha... Can't wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone who came out! See you in a couple weeks

Aug 25th, 2011

Getting ready to play our first show this Saturday Aug 27th 2011! Can't wait we are going to KIck Some ASS! Practice tonite same time 7pm.

Aug 19th, 2011

Holy Shit!!! Our first show!! We are stoked! Saturday, Aug 27th 2011... Penny Road Pub in Barrington IL. "Approaching Dawn" 7:30 start time All ages 10 dollar cover 5 bands downstairs in the metal room at the Pub!! Splice,Approaching Dawn,Skull King,Seeking Zero and Bloodstream!! Parade.

Aug 14th,2011

It's been awhile for this... "Black Dahlia Murder" Closed everything and for good reason they were awsome!! Also "White Chapel" another good band, And then to our suprise "Dying Fetus" I know the name is brutal! But for this trio they are Death Metal!!! Rick and I passed out some demos after the show... We want to say thanks to our new fans from Wis. Practice tomorrow... Yeah!!!