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2012: Fresh

Here's my first blog entry, so I'll start with a brief intro. I've been recording music and producing beats since 2005. I've been an avid guitar and bass-guitar player since childhood, played viola for 4 years in middle & high-school orchestra, and have always loved noodling around on the piano, although I've had very little formal training with it. I played my first 'Cold Electric' show in 2006, with a 3-piece band accompanying me as I controlled the electronic music components from my laptop & with MIDI controllers. My productivity has grown exponentially, and right now my focus is on SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS. I self-released my first album in 2008, and my second album in 2011. These have had a small amount of success on the internet, since I distribute my music for free online, and my albums have been downloaded 20,000+ times! Just trying to get my name out there; not much money involved, YET. I also produce beats for rappers and other vocalists, and have done several dozen shows as Stage-DJ for a Rapper. All the while, I've been playing bass in a couple other local bands, especially during SXSW here in Austin. 99% of my music can be accessed for free online, and most of it can be downloaded for free. My primary means of showcasing my music are SoundCloud - www.soundcloud.com/DJColdElectric and through my own website - www.coldelectricmusic.com Now that I've introduced myself, my upcoming posts can get right to the point : ) Be sure to also find me on facebook: www.facebook.com/DjColdElectric (music page) www.facebook.com/coldelectric (personal page). Cheers!