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Back in the 'Burg

Hey y'all, it's been a while since I checked in here.

I've been back in Hattiesburg, MS now for 6 months. I miss the hell out of NOLA sometimes (especially on nights like tonight when my heroes Living Colour are playing). Hattiesburg is a warm and inviting place to settle in, though. You'd be surprised at the high concentration of talent here in a small college city!

I'm working at T Bone's & Cafe on the cafe side 4 days a week. If I have to work a day job, this is the best one! I'm also bartending one night a week at Bennie's Boom Boom Room.

On the gigging tip, I'm back to playing with John Wooton and Kaiso on occasion, and I've picked up gigs with local singer/songwriter heroes Thomas Jackson and Cary Hudson.

Some of their influence has rubbed off on me because I've been writing again myself. I've written something like 3 or 4 tunes since I've been back. The writing gene has been dormant for a while now....

More music videos and video blogs are on their way as soon as find time. I'm not much of a Tweeter so keep an eye out on facebook.com/darrellhavardmusic for updates.

Hope y'all are well and stay in touch!

Funky D

Fall Back and regroup in the 'Sip

Hi folks! I'm in the middle of (putting off) packing right now.

This weekend we're moving back into my old house in Hattiesburg, MS. It's a difficult choice to make because there's a great support group of friends, family, and musicians (who count as both friends AND family) back in the Burg, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to NOLA.

Monday nights on Frenchmen or at the Maple Leaf, Tuesday night Rebirth, Wed night Candlelight with Treme, Fri-Sun on Bourbon, gas stations that make killer poboys, French Quarter fest, Indians on Mardi Gras morning, our adopted family here at the apartment complex, window shopping on Magazine St.... I could go on.. I'm going to miss having all of these things on hand at moment's notice.

Alas, my old house in MS needs some TLC, and it just seems like we've had mostly bad luck for the last 9 months or so here in NOLA. We dust ourselves off and get back to it, and something else bad happens. We just feel the need to take ourselves out of that loop.

We are going to keep our Bourbon St gigs, at least for the next few weeks, until we can't afford or manage to make the drive or until we get something as lucrative going in Hattiesburg. So at least we won't be total strangers to NOLA. We're only about 100 miles away.

I am looking forward to having some space again, a backyard, rooms for the kids, a space for music making. I'm also looking forward to hooking back up with all of my old music making buddies.

Our plan is to get back on our feet again, get the house in order (literally and figuratively), and then move back to NOLA with a fresh spring in our step. Musically, I'm hoping to take everything I've learned in NOLA back to Hattiesburg and start getting a proper show together of my own stuff. Hopefully, I'll be back to NOLA with a new and polished set of music to do some REAL damage with.

Love all y'all! Darrell

Tapping in the French Quarter

My tenure with the Bourbon St band I've been playing with for 3 years now ended about a month ago. It was a sad departure as it wasn't just a band, they were like family. I've since started with another band called Jiggers & Tooters and we are currently playing Fri-Sat at Bourbon Live on the 200 block of Bourbon. Despite being a bit sad from leaving the old band, I feel like I've gotten a fresh start with the new band. There's a lot of crossover with the tune list as they're are about 100 songs that EVERY rock band on Bourbon plays. The nice twist with this band is that I get to play Mobius Megatar, almost EXCLUSIVELY! There are still some tunes that I reserve my bass for playing, mostly songs with popping and slapping. Other than that, I've been playing bass/rhythm mostly and bass/lead on occasion on the Meggy. It's been a great challenge. As far as I now, this is a first to have a tapping instrument in a Bourbon St band. I hope to make my mark on the scene. As a side, I've been taking the pignose to the Quarter for after work. Sometimes I'm done a few hours earlier than my bartender girlfriend, and to kill some time I'll take the Meggy and Pignose to a street corner on Royal St. The goal to land some off night gigs on Frenchmen, in Uptown, and around the city is still on the agenda, I've just had a slight detour to get the Bourbon setlist under my fingers on the Megatar.

If you're ever in the Quarter on a weekend, by all means drop by and say "hi". Let me know what you think... Peace D

Back in the game!

Hi all,

Those of you that have known me for a while, know that I've played tapping instruments for something like 10 years now. It started with a Chapman Stick SB8, then it was a 12 String Grand, then and NS/Stick, and most recently a Mobius Megatar. Because of a twist of fate, the Megatar is the only one I still own.

Also because of a twist of fate, I became a bass player in a Bourbon St rock band. I don't mean to knock it, I do get a chance to make a living as a musician in one of if not THE coolest cities in the world. The downside is I let it suck the creativity out of me and I also let my tapping skills fall by the wayside.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's coming back. Slowly but surely, the chops, repertoire, and creativity is coming back.

I'll see y'all around NOLA and beyond!

Peace D