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Happy New Year!

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VOTE! 2013 Lys Blues Awards are back!

Last year, thanks to your vote, Carolyn Fe Blues Collective won Best Blues & Associated Styles Album for "Original Sin" and, Carolyn Fe was nominated in the Best Female Artist Category. This year, Carolyn Fe has been nominated once again for Best Female Artist Category and Rami Cassab, our man on the guitar in the Musical Performance Category. Your vote would certainly be appreciated. http://lysblues.lenetblues.com/voter/lysblues13/survey.php

Vote for Original Sin as Best Canadian Blues Album!

Please visit the link under "Fe, Carolyn Blues Collective" and vote! http://fluidsurveys.com/polls/terry-mb/blind-lemon-top-20-canadian-blues-albums-of-2012/

Industry Acknowledgement

On October 20, 2008 I had the honor of presenting the MECCA for Best Costume Design & Best Set Design. I was really happy to be asked to present the awards especially since, my production company Altera Vitae came out only at the beginning of this year with its first production. I wish I could tell you who got the MECCA because right after that I completely blanked out. Why?

Well – the category right after my 2 presentations was the Revelation Award. It is an award given to a theatre production company who either came out of nowhere and made some good noise in the early stages of their existence or an existing company who redefined themselves. Altera Vitae didn’t win. BUT, as Brett Hooton of the Hour Magazine said, there were 2 companies that needed to be acknowledged and that they felt needed an honorary mention. The first one was Tableau D’Hôte, and the 2nd one was ALTERA VITAE PRODUCTIONS who presented a difficult play (‘night, Mother by Marsha Norman) and is lead by their “ferocious leader” and the company’s mission of giving back to the community. Apparently this was the first time they had honorary mentions! OK – I paraphrased the whole thing. Can you blame me? The announcement took me by complete surprise!!

Great timing for my directorial debut of ALMOST BLUE by Keith Reddin….onwards and forward we go!

So don't forget, we're playing at the MainLine Theatre (3997 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal) on November 6-16! Come out and see what the Meccas spoke about.

PS: For our friends who are not familiar with the MECCAs, the acronym stands for “Montreal English Critics Circle Awards”. It’s for the English theatre community, given out once a year...kinda like the Tony Awards but for the theatre scene in Montreal :-)

New Beginnings

There’s always a time and place for everything and now is the time. Lots of bittersweet news, sometimes some good things must come to an end. After four years, I have made the decision to leave the band DD Swank. It was fun getting the bookings to do gigs, meeting new people and gaining a fan base. However, I now leave the band in the able hands of Doc Maestro (aka Yves Jacquier). I wish them well in the pursuit of DD Swank. For those of you who are curious, this is an amicable separation. I had to leave to pursue my projects. The Blues kept tugging at me and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. With that said, I am currently working on an album. I’m backed with some veteran musicians: Alan Springer, Peter Grant, Chaz Butcher, Dan Legault, Naveen Uttamchandani and Jesse Nance. Let me tell you about Jesse Nance, he’s 61 years old and has worked with some of the music industry’s names including Percy Sledge, Carol Franklin (Aretha Franklin’s sister), Billy Cox (Jimmy Hendrix’s last bass player), Jerry Mercer (April Wine) and quite a few more names that made my mouth drop. What an honor to have that old man play trumpet for me. I’ve posted some teasers online here on reverbnation or go see: www.myspace.com/carolynfe. Let me know what you think.

Now, on the theatre side of things, the play I am producing, Almost Blue by Keith Reddin, will be staged at the MainLine Theatre from November 6 to 16 (more details on the production houses’ website: www.alteravitae.com). This play, Almost Blue also marks my directorial debut. I am having a lot of fun with the actors. I find it quite interesting when they offer different variations on a scene. I am so grateful that I have an excellent team (cast & crew). I wrote the theme song and in one of the versions of the song, I am backed by Yves (yes, the same Yves of DD Swank – told you it was an amicable separation!)

So there you go! New beginnings, new challenges. Hope to see your friendly faces in the audience during the play’s run...and of course, I will keep you posted on my musical gigs. Stay tuned