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We we're invited back to the Spirit Room in Jerome for another show July 30th 2016. Some of our fans are coming up for the weekend, it's a great time, come and join us. We had a ball last year!


We are looking forward to seeing our local fans at our show at the Spirit Room in Jerome on Sat. Night at 9pm. "ROAD TRIP"! Come Sat. am, stay all day enjoy Historic Mining Town with all the shops and great food, attend the "Branded Country Band" at the Spirit Room at 9pm, stay over-nite, Awesome Road Trip!

Great Fans

Many thanks for the wonderful fans at Paradise Valley for their great support at the big show yesterday, and thanks again for asking me back again in May. Also things are moving fast, I just booked 11 more new shows for this year. Thanks Again Everyone !

Great Show at St. Gabriel's "Market on the Move !

I want to thank all the great people who came out to Market on the Move Saturday. I made many new fans, Booked a couple new shows, What a Country !!!!!

Gear'in up

Got three big shows coming up in the next three days, adding some new material, doing a practice session, and going with it. Lovin' every minute of it ! ! !

Branded Country T-Shirts

My Grand-Daughter designed a Branded Country T-Shirt. Nice, be the first on your block to own one. Only 20 Bucks, and no telling what it might do to my ego....

Farmers Market / St. Rose

The atmosphere was electrifying at the St. Rose Farmers Market today. No final count yet but estimates are close to 2000 people. I want tho thank all who came and look forward to next months event.


A good day, booked three more shows, 103 for the year and counting.

Bookings for 2012

Wow, bookings are up, I just booked my 98th show for 2012.. Hopefully, it could be a very good year.. Life is good...

Christmas Shows

Just finished my sixth Christmas Show. Grueling marathon of jingle bells and reindeer games, loved every minute of it.