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QUINOA, my new favorite comfort food…

At first, I didn’t even know how to say it. I used to twist my mouth into saying “KEE-NO-WAH”. Later, I found out I’d been saying it wrong for years, aimlessly embarrassing myself in front of a multitude of foodie friends who simply giggled under their breaths. Now I know it’s pronounced “KEEN-wah”, and that I like to buy the big bag of organic quinoa in Costco for about $8.00. I’ve found it’s important to get a good quality kind, otherwise, pre-rinse your Quinoa a little before cooking it so it’s not bitter. When I tried it, I didn’t care for it much. Twas bland. Twas boring. I decided to dig my heels in and come up with more tasty creative ways to eat this nutritious food. I eat brown rice and some other grains, but many really bother my tummy. Quinoa, on the other hand, does not, as it’s fluffy and it’s really a seed. HOW TO COOK IT: Just like a brown rice, I cook it 1 part Quinoa to 2 parts water. I usually also add some veggie bouillon to it to give it a warmer saltier flavour. Rice cooker works great . Here’s some background on this amazing grain-like, high protein, fluffy seed. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?dbid=142&tname=foodspice Those of us with food sensitivities/allergies can usually tolerate this well. Those who need more lean protein in their diet may also like to add this to their list. I just LOVE the smell of food on the BBQ goin’, and frankly, most store-bought veggie burgers just are way too expensive and many don’t have great texture or moistness for my taste. So, I’ve come up with a quinoa burger, that should satisfy not only the vegetarian / seafood crowd, but probably omnivores as well. It has a really nice crisp texture once grilled, but still retains its moistness on the inside. When combined with tuna, I find it a very meaty burger that satisfies my hunger and keeps me going for a while. For athletes, parents on the run, or musicians who need to save some coin, here’s a general recipe that works. You can make a double batch, grill them up, and keep them for up to a week in the fridge. (or freeze and reheat later) Rose’s Quinoa Mushroom (Tuna) Burger Recipe: Try these on your BarB-snuke, or you can also pan fry them in a little grapeseed oil. You may need to adjust breadcrumbs / panko so that it’s not too wet. I use a flat BBQ pan to help grill these burgers, so there’s little chance of any yumminess falling through the grill cracks. •3 C cooked quinoa, with some extra in case you want to use more in the mix •2 C sauteed mushrooms (i use mini-bellas, brown, or portabellos – even white work) •2 shallots, sauteed (sweet onion or green onion works too) •1 egg (or egg replacement) •Salt and herbs to your taste (you can add fresh cilantro, chives, dill and/or garlic). •A dash or two of soy / tamari / Briggs and/or Worcestshire sauce. •1/3 C panko breadcrumbs / gluten free breadcrumbs (you may need to add a bit more) •For those who eat seafood, I sometimes add a can of dolphin-friendly tuna or salmon. •Salt, Lemon-pepper to taste Blend together using a food processor if you have one. Hand blender works well too. (And if you don’t have one, just chop and mix all the ingredients well before shaping patties.) Set aside for about 2 minutes to allow the quinoa and breadcrumbs to soak up some liquid. IF too wet to shape, add a touch more breadcrumb and mix well. Shape into palm-sized burgers. Brush with oil. Grill on Medium-high, using a flat grill pan, or pan fry on stove in a little oil. Enjoy with some fresh avacado, or guacamole, or top with yogurt and dill, or wrap them in Nori, or add some Naam gravy (for those west-coasters). OR just put them into a burger wrapping of your choice. Shown here served with grilled veggies and guacamole.Enjoy the Summer and the BBQ! xo Rose

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Ah LIFE - that amazing little word with meaning that only each individual can define... And I’ve been treating life well, and it’s been treating me well back. I do hope that you are doing well... LET’S Get down to biziness: Yes, I’ve been again quite busy... Have gone back again to NY to do some writing with Nadia, as well as meet up with cool industry cats that I really really like... Songs were presented to a major publishing house, so that’s pretty cool... They loved them, and are wanting to sign the artist that presented the songs. Cool to know that I was a co-writer on those songs, and that we all equally contributed to the writing of the pieces - so, I’m happy about that piece of news. Versailles Records called me up recently to cover the song "Beth" - which is released as of April 1st... I’ll post my version up as soon as the CDs arrive. They’ve also asked me to do a cover of a couple of other songs, one being a LZ song - so I’m pretty stoked about that... Can’t really promote that until all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, though. We finished another song called "Pretty Bird" - very quaint song - will post that as soon as it’s mastered... Had pneumonia while we were in NY... That was fun (NOT). Still recovering - that was the worst bug I’ve had in 7 years. NEW Song: Can’t Hold Me Back... Will need your feedback on this one for SURE... We just filmed the video this past weekend (AWESOME CREW) in Victoria, BC - hence the new profile photo... I will write more on that as I have the energy to... Honestly, I’m completely burnt out right now - really need to sleep.. have tons of work to do, and in about 6 weeks time, my schedule frees up more - in theory. At least this is one way I can kinda reach out and say HI and I AM SO HAPPY that I can write music and share it with you all. I also enjoy (thoroughly enjoy) writing my blogs - and I’ve really missed writing these. Am in bed. With laptop again. Humph. Time to close the lid. I will come back soon with many stories I’ve been collecting. Sending you lots of love and light - my dearest readers... :) R PS: Just had a bowl of watermelon.. The hummingbirds are back, and spring is officially HERE! YEAH!!!