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Growing up in Bowen Homes a wild project westside of Atlanta, MoneyBaby learned at an early age that determination was his ticket to stardom. At 15 he started working at a local shoe store selling kicks. Lucky for MoneyBaby, he was equipped with a studio which he built from the ground up. “I was the little kid who would always rap at football games, basketball games, or wherever I could,” remembers MoneyBaby. “Everybody knew I really had a passion for music and producing my own tracks and recording daily.”

Although he is no stranger to the streets, especially since he used to run them at 12, subsequently the same age when his father was sentenced to life in prison, he has taken an alternate route to the game. It has been stated, one cannot be a true artist without first experiencing pain. If that is accurate, MoneyBaby has struggled all of his lifetime to earn the right to be a hip-hop Picasso. "That's why my music is so soulful. I have people crying when they hear my music because I'll only spit what I've been through."

Moneybaby was raised by his mother, who managed to feed and care for the entire community, while at the same time kept “the block” in line . As a youngster, he was surrounded by interesting characters that would later shape his life. Because his dad was in prison he didn’t have a consistent male figure in his life, which resulted in the young hustler being educated on the code of the streets from the neighborhood d-boys and junkies. “I learned everything hanging out on the corner and I soaked it all in like a sponge. I saw what to do, but I also paid attention to what not to do.” As a teenager, MoneyBaby was in and out of trouble. And if the amount of cash that he’s counted is any indication of his success, then he undoubtedly went on to earn a doctorate degree in economics.

Soon, he began putting his experiences to paper and testing his verbal skills in the McNair high school yard. Day by day, the other classmates noticed this young, brash, and focused lyrical monster gathering crowds under the basketball hoops. They began awestruck whispers among themselves, "Damn, dat boy is money." Meaning his ability to rhyme was amazing and off the chain! Ever since, he was rightfully dubbed, MoneyBaby.

MoneyBaby decided to move to Birmingham, AL to go to school. Undeterred MoneyBaby theorized, "not everybody is promised to get out of the streets" but he was focused on escape. Luck occurs when opportunity and preparation meet. Luckily, MoneyBaby found a management team in RBA ent. that prepared him for the opportunity when fortune smiled upon MoneyBaby at a show in Birmingham, Alabama. At the age of 20, MoneyBaby recorded the hit "On Fire," which sparked an immediate buzz in Atlanta and Birmingham. MoneyBaby began to perform and network which helped him gain exposure like never before. “I never had any doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to get a deal,” says the self-assured MoneyBaby. “I never really had a plan to do anything but this. I always told anyone who knew me that I was going to be a rapper and I’m big about backing up whatever it is that I say.”

"This album is definitely gonna be a classic," MoneyBaby says confidently. "People are expecting a lot out of me not only because I'm on RBA label, but because everyone knows that the baby gets to the money."

Atlanta's heat has been radiating over hip-hop for many years. From the legendary "TI, Young Jezzy and Outkast to B.O.B, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Cee Lo, and Mike Bigga, the peach state has always produced hot music. The next artist to emerge from this sizzling climate is MoneyBaby, and with an ace on the top of the deck, he is guaranteed to continue Atlanta's heat wave.