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A new exciting phase about to start...

It's been a while, almost a couple of months, since last performing in public but I've not stopped singing completely. Since then my songs have been performed for one audience member - the person who will very shortly make an appearance into my life (in fact was due to appear 5 days ago!) He or she has been sung to many an evening and is soon to be further serenaded though probably in a bid to get them to sleep! It's been a distraction for me in terms of writing any songs, only fragments of lyrics and chord ideas but nothing blending or coherent. Apologies for the pun but it's to be expected - the pregnant brain is a particular state of mind! I've no doubt though that these experiences, already felt and yet to come, will store in my mind a wealth of ideas to draw on. After a break to settle, figure out feeding/routines/etc and try and find some sleep I'm looking forward to focusing these ideas into the next paths of my music. Wish me luck! Lisa :)

New Roads

After a break of what seemed like an eternity, I'm being reborn! Finally, energy and inspiration are returning, even just to live my already existing songs but also to find a new rhythm with creating music. A lot has happened over the last few months, most important of which is finding out I'm to be a mother. I know this changes everything: everyone seems to be prompted to remind you of this as if it's a prophecy of doom! I don't think it's a doom-laden path at all, quite the opposite. New shows over the next couple of weeks, will play til bump gets too big! x

Clarity after Kilmarnock Edition plays Folk Alliance Toronto, Feb 2013

It's not often I get to say to people "I'm off to Canada for the weekend"! I'm now longer a Folk Alliance virgin; I think I can say that I'm at least partially initiated in the ways of Performance Alley, which is crazy but worth the squeeze just to pass so many rooms spilling out wonderful, wonderful music (and I only caught a small portion of it). This weekend's taught me a valuable lesson. Outside of being with the band (Kilmarnock Edition) I would rarely wander the corridors of the Delta Chelsea with mando or guitar in hand for fear that someone would ask me to join the jam or "give them a tune", as many musicians present were just stunning in technicality and performance. I'm no trained or especially accomplished instrumentalist, although I can hold down a competent rhythm, but now that pointless anxiety has subsided, I can say I'm a singer/songwriter, I'd even say that I'm a pretty good one, and have as much of a place at Folk Alliance as any of the other musicians who played and sang and danced their hearts out. Thank you, tapadh leibh, Folk Alliance #folkalliance and thank you, tapadh leibh, Toronto for clearing that up for me.



You know when you feel anxiety at possible change coming around the corner but when the change you expected fails to materialise, you get MORE anxious?

Aye, that's where I'm at... Edinburgh living, working full time in a worthy job (dunno which is worse, being tied to a job that you hate or that you are quite committed to) but wondering what direction things are likely to head in or more to the point, where I'd like it to go. I'm honestly stumped. Won't stop playing music though, no matter what the outcome.

Peace to all and especially those extraordinary peace demonstrators in Oslo, you do humanity proud in the face of such sadness.

Lis x