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Thanks for raising my Rank!

Thanks to all fans for raising my Rank which, as of today, is #2 in my area. Come out and see us sometime, and say hello!

"Shows" doesn't show all.

Cactus Keg jams almost weekly, sometimes more, at the Percolator. Keeping up those chops!


To remember some GOOD times, for dinner yesterday I had Ramen noodles "cooked" in hot tap water along with a gas station soda. I don't forget my music roots. Nowadays, I can afford a candy bar for dessert. LOL Whatever it takes for the music to happen!

Full Speed Ahead!

After these summer holidays, I'm going to hit the scene with new songs and older ones! Damn the torpedoes--full speed ahead! Danny Lee Ingram in Cactus Keg will be making waves!