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Recording good quality songs

Recording good quality songs takes a lot a practice to perfect your sound quality. Always use a mic that plugs into an interface that has Phantom Power. Phantom Power brings out the best in your vocal recordings. Also I would suggest you get a good microphone for $400 or more to get the best vocal results. Using top of the line software will also help bring out the best quality in your recordings. ProTools is a software program I recommend because almost every studio uses it. ProTools has a lot of switches where you can really tone, shape, and sculptor your recordings to its best. To get the best out of vocal recording, try recording in a bathroom, closet, or buying foam pads that you can put on the wall behind the mic. The objective is to get your vocals to go directly into the mic without it escaping and bouncing everywhere.

How to write songs

I want to start by saying hi to all readers. God bless you on this day where you can get another chance to keep reaching for your dreams. Now today I want to touch on a topic about how to write songs. Songwriting isn't easy but with patience, persistence,and practice, it becomes more easier to understand on how to write songs. A good songwriter is a person who loves to read because without a mind filled with words, songwriting would be very difficult. Sitting in a quiet place can enhance your thoughts on what you want to write about. Know what you want to write about but if you don't, listen to music pertaining to what you're going to write about. Keep a dictionary next to you, at all times when writing. When you first start learning to write songs, use a pencil so you can erase your mistakes but after some time you won't need it, you'll be able to use a pen. Your main idea is to find a specific topic to write about, then focusing all your thoughts on that topic you're writing about.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

I would like to start off by saying I respect the both of them as artist and that I am a fan of both. The story of the altercation with Chris and Rihanna is very surprising and unexpected. I also know there is more to it than what everyone else is saying. I don't think it's right for a man to hit a woman, but I do know that a lot of young guys make that mistake and to me it is just a part of growing up and learning to become more mature, in how to handle situations like that. A lot of people had there times when they were younger where they would hit some body because they snapped. Older and younger guys fought with there sisters and the parents usually taught them to never hit females. So it became a learning process for a lot of young boys growing up. I didn't see what happened to Rihanna, but I do know if what people are saying is true, then he is in the wrong. We still have to remember that he is still getting older and will make mistakes because no one is perfect. It's all about how he's going to deal with the consequences, from here on out which will determine, whether he'll grow up to be a good man or a bad one.

Artist trying to get in the industry

Getting in the industry is more than just going to the studio and making tracks. The music industry is a business that all artist have to have knowledge of. You can be a good artist but that's not enough these days to get you in the industry. Record companies are like jobs and the managers are like managers of a regular job. Like all managers, they want to know your experience and want to see your resume. Working on your music, promoting yourself, and creating a buzz for yourself are all parts of your resume experience. by having a lot of experience, you will have a better chance of getting the attention of record labels. Always remember to have an edge over your competition and have your own identity. Standing out of the crowd can get you noticed easier. Any new artist who's looking to get in the industry, understand that you will have to promote yourself until people start taking notice of you and even when they do, still keep promoting yourself until a fair opportunity arises and then you can go for it.