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Thanksgiving- Big news

Happy turkey day folks. Hope everyone is enjoying it. As I sit down and prepare to stuff my face full of turkey goodness I look back on some of the things I'm thankful for this year: my family, indoor plumbing, busty ladies and our NEW BASS PLAYER! Yes, that's right, you heard it here first. Artemis Gone is proud to announce the addition of Joe Nadeau to our lineup. Joe's bringing in a fresh new point of view and some great chops. We're really excited to have him on board. Thank you to everyone for following our progress through this growing period. The wait is almost over. We'll be seeing you very, very soon ;)


What's up followers!? Long time no blog. It might look on the outside like things have been a little bit slow but we've been hard at work on some awesome stuff. We're coming into the week with a new bass player joining us for practice and we have some very interesting prospects in the works for a second guitar and synth. Super exciting stuff coming up. We've turned down a gig or two already but we're pushing really hard to have an amazing show together for you and be stage ready by the end of the year. Hang in there with us a little longer, you're about to be blown away.

Big News

Hey Errbody. In case you haven't heard the big news, here it is. Artemis Gone is proud to announce we've made things official- that's right we have a drummer! Ashwin Prasad is on board with us now. He'll be the man in charge of the beats you'll all be banging your heads to very soon. Many of you may recall we had a bumpy year this year; we lost our drummer shortly after forming this project. Since then we've been working really hard at finding someone new to take the reins. We had the pleasure of working with some great talent and thank you to all who who showed interest. Ashwin has been great to work with, we're having a really good time and we're looking forward to things ahead. Welcome aboard Ashwin

So Long!

So we had our last practice at Godlike Studio for probably quite some time. It was good to us and I want to give a thank you to Godlike for... well for existing. For us apartment dwellers its tough finding a place to make some noise. For the foreseeable future our home will be a place that requires a little less driving time- Sac Rehearsal Studios. Jams have been going great. I'm really excited about the direction things are going. We're working on new stuff all the time and pulling out some old stuff and giving it a fresh face. Earlier this year we had some drummer challenges and it was pretty discouraging but I really feel like we're back on track for reaching our original goal of getting this band onstage by the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled, like us, join our mailing list and keep an eye on this page right here for all the latest things Artemis Gone. We'll be seeing you soon!

Back from the Dead

We had a really fun practice tonight. Completely redeemed a song that we were considering leaving off the upcoming album. Kerosene is a track that we thought might not have the flavor we were looking for on this album but after some creative drumming, its back on the radar. We had a really great time working with this one and we're looking forward to giving it even more depth as time goes on. This is why I love creating music. Its so amazing to see an idea you have go from a basic melody and a few MIDI samples on your computer to a live production with all the layers that come together when musicians get each add their own personal touches. It blows my mind how you can play the same song but if you change one person in the band, it sounds like a completely different pice of music. Still on the hunt for the right bass player. Someone with a lot of drive and creativity. If that sounds like you, hit us up! We want to hear from you!


So we had a little bit of a bumpy week. Still got in some great jam sessions but not as much as I'd hoped for. Stupid life has a way of biting you in the ass when you don't need it to. One day your rockin you ass off and he next day you're stuck late at work or coughing nasty ass phlegm all over the place. Sexy, no? Anywho- its not a total loss, we have some bass player prospects lined up so we'll start working with them a bit, throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks. If you're interested in being a part of this madness, lemme know. We're moving fast so don't procrastinate. Until next time, Get Gone

The latest

Hey bloggers. Blogees...whatever. Its been a great week for us. I hope most of you have heard the "Complications" solo we posted a few days ago. If not, check it out, I think you'll like it. This is a brand new work in progress, something we've only scratched the surface on so I'm sure you'll be seeing more and more pieces as it all comes together.

We've had some great jam sessions this week. We're so fortunate to be working with some really talented people in the area. I wish you guys were there to hear some of the amazing shit we have in store for you. Don't worry, we'll be bringing it to you very soon.

We'll be starting to shift our focus a little bit very soon to add a new bass player to the mix. Like I said, I'm ready to pass that crown along to someone else. We'll be looking for someone who is very dedicated, talented and is in desperate need of some socks to rock off. We're looking for a variety of techniques, someone who can slap, pick, and definitely someone who's not afraid to put on a show.

If that sounds like you, hit us up here or at artemisgonemusic@gmail.com. If that doesn't sound like you- now you know what you have to look forward to.

Until next time folks, Get Gone!

It Begins

Captain's log, stardate who the hell knows? Actual date 8/20/11. Anyway, enough with that crap. Hey bloggers! Or blogees as the case may be, since I suppose technically I am the blogger. Aradia here from Artemis Gone.

I want to start by welcoming you all to our world as seen through the eyes of ReverbNation. We're fairly new here so you'll have the pleasure (or pain) of getting to grow with us. If you read our Bio, you can see that this is a new project for us. We're currently just two officially but working with some great talent and trying to get our final band configuration set.

Nosferatu is on guitar. He's a super dedicated guy, very creative, a blast to work with and sometimes a pain in the ass. I hope he'd say the same about me but who knows right? I'm the voice behind the music, and the bass for now. But we're definitely on the lookout for someone to relieve me of my earthy instrumental bonds to I can be free to dive on your faces at our live shows without damaging the goods (and by goods I mean my bass, not your faces. Damaged faces just comes with the territory if you're hanging out in the pit).

As it stands right now, we're working with a couple different drummers, both very talented guys, trying to figure out what's going to be the best thing for the band. We have a demo track up with a few bits and pieces of some of our material in the works and we're making progress all the time. Each week I plan on posting an update here to keep you all apprised of the latest goings-on. Feel free to follow along, this is gonna be a helluva ride.

So sign in, Like us, book mark this page, whatever you gotta do to keep up! Its time to get Gone!

-Aradia A.G.