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Well, we're still working on getting a recording out when we have the time. We're trying to do it ourselves... so if anyone knows a nice local studio.... please let us know.

We're making steady progress though, and we're still booking shows, so things are really going pretty well. Thank you so much for the support!

New Year!

Well, so long 2011! We're finally laying down tracks on our little "diy" record. We've got 12 to get through so it may take some time. We've also gotten some great concert footage we're working on releasing when we get a chance. Also, check our calendar often for new show dates!! Thanks for supporting independent rock!


We're starting off the month w/ a free show at the crown and harp. We'll add other shows as they come up! Oh, and we're currently recording about twelve new songs for a demo when we have the time. Not quite sure when we'll have it out, though. love love, glassboy


we've got a couple more shows this month, so be sure and come out if you'd like to catch us before we (maybe) take some time off to finish our demo! thanks for all your support!!


well, we're on reverbnation.com now. myspace is slowly dying, and it seems nicer here so far...

as for the rock band, we are currently booking more shows, and recording ourselves when we have the time.

Also, we're playing this Friday for FREEEEEEE @ bryan street tavern w/ lots of cool bands. Show up early!! You don't want to miss :

chasing the muse @ 9pm

ella norse and the @ 10pm

goodnight ned @ 11pm

glassboy @ 12pm

pretty sure that's the updated lineup... hope to see whoever is reading this there!!