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More shows!

We have added more shows to our schedule at House of Blues Sunset Strip, Hard Rock San Diego, and more! 206

New Show Announcements!

We have been asked to join Sturgis Buffalo Chip and Tulsa State Fair! More BIG announcements to come!


Yesterday at approximately 11:15 in the morning, I heard an all too distinctive voice shouting "I don't care if its your birthday, NO ONE LIKES YOU.." This, of course was none other than Cole Cargil. Waking me up with warm whiskey shots, constantly reminding me that we'd be shooting videos today (and that he'd be topless). Shortly following Cole's arrival, Mr. Tom Zizzi strolled up with gear galore and we all got straight to work. After a long afternoon, 100+ beers and 2 videos, we were all pretty amped. We decided to take it downtown where the hours fly-by like birthday shots. It was quickly becoming clear we were all too saucy to be around anyone outside our party. Time to take it home...where we ate and passed out immediately. Days Summation: 14 hours of booze and family, our first 2 videos, ever (first time for everyone), all the love anyone could ask for and it all happened on my birthday :) -Billy

Fresh to the West

Loving everything about southern Cali :) We're hard at work in the studio for our upcoming release in July. So stoked about this new record!!