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Consuelo Marie's Review of Big J y Yari's music, style etc.

The increasingly popular "muchacheria" music, otherwise known as "Reggaeton," is often noted for it's provocative dancing that accompanies the genre's overtly sexual lyrics. I haven't found something to act as such a catalyst for controversy since the Argentine's danced the forbidden tango.

Generally, when discussing Reggaeton, I often hear descriptions that are followed by "raw" and "street," but never have I heard Reggaeton to be suitable for a family affair...until now.

There is a new power duo on the market, and though you might think they sound like something you may have heard before, I guarantee that you won't find another pair like these two. No, i'm not talking about Winsin y Yandel or Rakim y Ken Y. If you didn't know already, allow me to introduce Big J y Yari.

Both born in Fajardo Puerto Rico, the two have collaborated and made the decision to create Reggaeton style music that is meaningful, inspirational, fun, and appropriate for a broader audience range. Why do they stray from the typical stereotypes of this genre? Well, it's probably because Jose ("Big J") has partnered up with his 16 year old daughter Geraldine, or as we know her, Yari.

Having been inspired by Hip-Hop legends such as Wu Tang and LL Cool J, it wasn't until Jose was in his teens when a friend of his encouraged him to start writing his own music. Now, for about a year, he and his daughter have been writing songs together. He knew that both himself and Yari had a strong passion for music, and decided that together they could reach out to a new group of listeners.

When speaking about their music, Yari said that "Like most artists, we find a way to put a little of our emotions, experiences, and life lessons into what we sing, write or do... My mother influences the way I sing and perform in every aspect of what I do." Along side her mother's influence, Yari also mentioned that Ivy Queen, a very powerful voice amongst women, has hugely influenced her work and her determination to continue to nurture her passion.

Amongst my conversation with Big J and Yari, I told them how shocked I was that a father and daughter would decide to take on a genre that is so sexually explicit, and I asked them to please tell me how they would maneuver around the promiscuous nature of this type of music. "Unlike most artists that base music on sexuality and other things, i'm still not old enough to make those decisions or sing those types of songs," Yari told me, and added, "Big J and I like to make stories that are understandable and that please teens and adults alike." Big J followed this by saying, "Kids do go to school, kids do go to the mall, and even if they never leave home, you still got the 'net and TV letting your kids know everything from the good, to the really bad. They know a lot more than we think...in love, and sexuality. We write things that me and my wife think are acceptable for a teenager. Hate it or love it, that's the way it is!" And that is the way it is, isn't it?

Being an advocate of reform and revolution, I thought the father-daughter combination was extraordinary and I was equally impressed by their music. My favorite song is the headliner on their page "Muslo en Kdera." I really think this song particularly flaunts both Big J and Yari's best attributes. I was especially impressed by Yari, because she is so young and fresh, but manages to equally match her fathers flow with impeccable rhythm and articulation, and seemingly effortless! The song is catchy, and most definately suited for those out there who like to move. Prepare yourselves, because the best has yet to come...

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