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TOO long of a break.......

Wow! Life got busy and before I knew it..........a bunch of time had passed since I REALLY sat down and had some fun in the studio. Well.........all of my obligations are over, and it's time to get back to writing. Lookin' forward to it!

Thank You!

I gotta give thanks to a few folks here. Jenny Dwyer for her never ending support, and for introducing me to some FINE online players! Not only that.....but she's a killer musician herself! Hillbilly Dix.........check 'em out! Six String Woody.... a humble guitarist of many years. He's got the right attitude and certainly has feeling in everything that he plays. Norm Peterson......a keyboardist that has some serious chops! From a B3 to all out synth.....I always appreciate his work. I've been lucky enough to con these folks into workin' with me. Some of my tunes..........some of theirs! I'm a bit out of my league, but that's ok. It's how I learn.

Really dig for the tunes

Don't forget folks, when you visit Reverbnation, click on "ALL SONGS" below the initial 5 tunes that are visible on an artists page. There are some hidden treasures deep within these song lists! You just might find something that sparks ya. :)

It ain't quite the same, is it?

With the risk of sounding old........today's crowds aren't like "the good old days". Weekends were made for catchin' a live band, dancin', drinkin', and general mayhem with your friends. I've noticed more and more lately, that folks who go out, tend to spend most of thier time texting, facebooking, or whatever else our phones do for us. We're becoming socially disconnected. Most musicians perform for the love of music, because there sure isn't any real money in it! Next time you go out, try leaving your phone in the car. Talk with someone, dance with someone else, or just enjoy the live music. If you're not careful.......you may just end up having some fun! You can text about it later.

Young Bucks

Ok, show your hands....how many actually remember what it was like when you FIRST started out? For some of us, it's been a while.........a LONG while. I remember how great it was to play a tune with a band for the first time..........that feeling of power. I had a ton of great people that showed me the way, and helped me along. It's MY turn to do the same. Remember..........we didn't all start out playing all of the right notes the first time. Help out a new player............show 'em some patience and encouragement. It really is a cool thing to do! :)

"Backyard" players

I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some very fine muscians over the years. A good many of them are what I call "Backyard" players. Folks that go to jams once in a while, and aren't in any organized band, or haven't really played in public.....they just play for the pure love of playing. There really are some great players out there

Be Humble.

Ya know, this is a good "rule of thumb" for musicians, and here it goes........... I've been playing for quite a few years, and it seems that I run into this "I'm better than you" attitude among musicians quite frequently. You know, when you're on stage and there are 2 guys at the back of the room with thier arms folded, and pointing at you! :) For the life of me, I can't figure out why. Music is to be enjoyed, and it's not a competetion. There are a MILLION players that are better than I am, and there area million players that worse than me. I believe that this holds true for most musicians. Don't be intimidated if someone has a killer riff, or vocals etc...........appreciate thier talent for what it is and encourage them. Remember this.............if you think that you're the best player out there...........then everyone else will be gunnin' for ya. Just a thought.