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We have our own CD Release party coming up here in a few days!! We will be releasing it at one of the coolest venues here in Eugene which is The Wow Hall! Were all excited for it and excited for the turn out! We can't be any happier with what we have accomplished so far and it has been all because of our great fans motivating us to pursue our passion for music! Thanks to all and hope to see many people at this party!!!!!

our new CD

Our CD has arrived and is ready to sell. it has gone through the approval process and will be on CDBaby, iTunes, and several other music website for sale!

Biggest gig ever coming up on Saturday!!

This Saturday Engraved will be performing for a Chiropractic convention "The Legendary Big Top Legacy Gathering" at Ester Shore Park in Vancouver Washington from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Engraved is looking for an upright bass player

We have gone acoustic now and are looking for a 4th member to play upright bass with us!