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Frosty & The Snowmen

Frosty and the Snowmen…

Is what I like to call them, but they call themselves BandB, a name that has grown on me in recent months. I’m thinking “Who is band A?” when it hit’s me. It a lot of bands. It’s every band with a lesser immediate impact on my palate. It’s every group that doesn’t shine and befuddle and amaze me while looking like friggin’ laid back rock stars, and it’s every band that isn’t in the process of TAKING what is theirs by offering that elusive thunderbolt of originality that I need and must have occasionally to stay sane. It’s BandB on one side of the fence, and most, damn near everyone else, or the equivalent of one cubic whale cock of groups on the other.

The Snowman

I met Chris at MPA Studios a couple of years ago. He was friendly and funny, or at least he thought I was funny anyway. The kid was slight in frame and shit, and it looked like I could bench press him with my dick. Nice guy though. Fast forward to about a year later. Chris and I were sitting across one another at some corporate restaurant in bullshitville nowhere. He told me he had been writing tunes and was in the process of trying to get a band together. I blabbed at him about how maybe we could collaborate. Now, I have learned that you never know who the next golden child is gonna be, but Chris Breest wasn’t really on my radar. I knew he had a pro tools rig and I was hoping to get some stuff on tape in any form possible so we talked a bit and made vague plans. Months passed…

Now I find myself the Bullfrog a couple of weeks ago. There’s Chris onstage at an 89x show. Eyes hidden under a beaten ball cap, his voice soars as the tunes move and dip deftly. BandB is treating the crowd with an arsenal of professionalism and style in what they all later confessed was “barely a decent show, really.”

BandB will blow you right out of your little pond. They are an American rock and roll group with roots that will break cement. Chris Breest’s lyrics are the finest combination of honesty and pointed profundity I have seen in quite some time, and the vocals drop hooks around every unimagined corner. The music moves in progressions that immediately draw you in and NEVER disappoint, and the songwriting sensibility and panache is almost incomprehensible.

They’re BandB, and their t-shirt states “Fuck Band A” I concur, and I’m only the messenger, but YOU HEARD THAT SHIT HERE FIRST.