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Roller coaster to the end.

I have realized that life is indeed a roller coaster. Not just some of the time, but all of it. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. I have read the Tao te Ching many times, and it always lets me know that life is a series of opposites. We cannot have one with out the other - up and down, left and right, dark and light, good and bad. Without those opposites, how can we truly appreciate life? How can you ever know what it means to be happy until you know what it means to be sad? Or what would you know of daylight if all you ever experienced was nighttime? It's true. Now, there are going to be times when you are in the middle and that's ok, but you gotta make sure the ride hasn't stopped and all you are doing is sitting at the dock going no where. You know what happens when the ride stops right? You get off. And I am not ready to get off this ride yet. I want to keep riding it forever, and know what it means to live. Truly, what it means to be alive.

Things going in a direction

Not entirely sure if it's a good direction, but it's a direction anyways. I was playing around with T-Shirt designs last night, and was thinking about making some. I just wish it were cheaper to make them - since I don't know what will and what won't sell, I don't want to commit to a large order and then have them sit there. Not like they'll go to waste, I can always use them as promotional items, giveaways, and the like, and then they are walking adverts for me. I will have to see how it goes.

MySpace Hrm.

I was trying to figure out how to convert my personal page to a musician page on MySpace, and I can't seem to do it. I have a tons of people on MySpace as friends and such, but now it looks like I will have to start over from scratch to have them all again on a musician page for me. If anyone has any ideas on how to avoid that, please, let me know.

July 19th, 2011

Well, I have some work to do. My CD production facility is moving from NY to Nevada, and I am about to not have CDs for three weeks because of the move and poor planning, so I am trying to upload new art work and images to ReverNation so I can produce some CDs and have them for at least two of those weeks. At least I have the original artwork and layouts to go from and don't have to do all from scratch. That's all for now . . . starting tomorrow I have some work ahead of me . . . it never stops.

New Stuff!!!

I created some T shirts! First ever, one for guys and one for gals, for the 2011 Seabound Tour! there is also a tote bag for hauling around your favorite plunder! Or maybe some groceries . . .

The Seabound Tour? Well, since my newest recording is called Songs From the Water's Edge, I figured I would make my way seaward again, and work towards the stuff i started with when Captain John Stout first made his appearance way back in 2006.

So far, the tour has included one venue - the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I am hoping to add more venues soon, and hopefully, when it all pans out, I will tell you all where to find me in the great somewhere out there!

Until then, Wind at your Back!

Captain John Stout

Blog, blog, blog!

Well, here we are, my first ever ReverbNation blog. So what do I talk about?

I have always felt that it is the purview of the musician to maintain the culture he or she lives in and is affected by. I happen to be affected by many, but the most prevalent are Irish Folk and Rock and Roll. So, I kind combine them.

Yeah, I know. Celtic Rock. I hate that moniker though. It doesn't adequately describe what I do, or exactly how much of one genre or the other is mixed into it. Is it more rock? Is it more folky? I do a little of both sometimes. Some of my arrangements are completely Rock tunes, and some are almost back porch gathering type arrangements.

I play all the instruments myself, and when I can't, I use a keyboard. I do indeed have a real drum set, and play it too. And an accordion. And a tinwhistle. Et cetera. But what it comes down to is 'did I get the sound I wanted for the tune'?

Most of the time. I am, as are most musicians, limited by my equipment and resources, so I make do with what I have. That in itself is responsible for many of my arrangement choices.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy what you hear, and maybe we'll see each other out there somewhere . . .