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Exciting News!

Keep your eyes and ears open for some exciting news that will be announced within the next couple of weeks. :) Take care, ~Rachel

Did you miss the interview on Pirate Scream Radio?

You can hear it tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or Friday May 30th at 8:30 p.m. But if you miss it again, it might be put up on my site. More information is sure to come! Make sure to visit www.piratescream.com to listen. Take care, Rachel

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

I just wanted to inform you that the cds for my EP "Breathe For You" have been sent off to CD Baby. Once they arrive, they'll be available to be purchased, as well as to be downloaded on programs such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Aolmusic, Emusic, and more! So what songs are on the EP? That's a good question. The tracklist is: 1. Bleed 2. Sad Day In London 3. Why 4. The Rush 5. Why (remix) 6. Breathe For You They're also autographed, so it's a good idea to purchase it! I'll let you know when that's all set. Let's see, the other item I wanted to address is that the official website is actually under construction at the moment. If you see that it hasn't been updated in quite a while, don't fret! A new website should be up and running relatively soon. Take care! ~Rachel

Track of the Week!

I'm excited to announce that my song "Why" is now going to be Track of The Week on Garageband.com. This means it will be featured on the front page under Alternative Pop starting Monday, April 28th. Basically when you get to the first page of garageband.com, you click on Alternative Pop on the left side, and you'll see my picture and song title. It was chosen for this because of the positive reviews it received. More updates are on the way. I hope you have a good week! Take care, Rachel

Podcast and more!

Podcasts are certainly an interesting way to spread information. In fact, I haven’t done anything with them until recently. On Garageband.com, they give the option to make podcasts of songs you enjoy. And so, I decided to make one of songs I reviewed. If you don’t want to listen to everything on the podcast , then I suggest you take the time to at least listen to "Armour Bearer" by Kitchie Nadal and "Learn To Love You" by Star74. I hope you enjoy it! http://www.garageband.com/user/rachelcarson/podcast/main Also, another thing I wanted to mention is when you sign up for the mailing list and street team, remember to click the link to confirm everything once you get the confirmation e-mail. Once the e-mail address is confirmed, then you’re good to go! Without the confirmation, you won’t be able to receive updates. Have a wonderful week! Take care, Rachel P.S. - It would be great if you could take time to sign this petition to put a stop towards Puppy Mills. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/nomorepuppymills

It's been a while.

Just to inform everyone, be careful with emails you open or websites you click on. Unfortunately, my computer got a virus and I had to lose everything. You usually don't think it could happen to you, but when it does, it's awful. So I've decided to make a list of advice: 1. Make sure you back up everything on your hard drive or get another hard drive to store everything on. Then you won't lose anything. 2. Have your anti-virus programs updated frequently. 3. Don't open up emails from people you don't know or click on websites that seem odd. 4. Never download free software from websites. They may contain viruses as well. 5. Try not to keep personal information on the computer. It could easily be stolen. That's all I can think of for now. Please be very careful. Take care, Rachel

The actual link to Track of the Day

Considering it does seem a bit difficult to find it, the actual link is this: http://www.garageband.com/genre/alternative_pop ~Rachel

Track of the Day!

I just wanted to remind everyone to check out www.garageband.com tomorrow to see "Why" on the front page as Track of the Day! Also, a new street team mission is up. Basically, promotion is very important considering I'll be sending presskits/demos to labels soon and they need to see that people enjoy my music. The person who gains the most fans using the fan collector over the next month, will receive an autographed picture from my photoshoot. :) Good luck! Take care, Rachel

You're never alone.

Recently a question has been asked and I decided to share it and my response with you. The question was: What are your goals with music? Now, that’s actually a good question to ask because it could be something most listeners would want to know about. It has always been my goal to spread music in order to help someone. For instance, when you’re feeling down, you probably listen to music to help you get through situations; whether it be a break up, a bad day, or maybe to help soothe your soul. You can take the lyrics and put them towards your own life, which might make situations better. I know that growing up, I made it through the majority of my teenage years by listening to music and feeling as if someone else understood. We all want to feel understood and not alone. Thankfully, that’s where music comes in. You see, music is said to be a “universal language”. That means it can be understood by anyone or well, the feeling of the melody can be interpreted. With that philosophy and theory in mind, music can be used to help heal the soul. Therefore, I write lyrics that others can relate to and hopefully you do. Of course, I could simply say that my goals are to get signed to a record label and go on tour. But in reality, I believe that sharing the music and letting it be known among individuals who truly listen, would have a more rewarding outcome. Take care, Rachel