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What are you kidding me..Did this day really happen?!

So today started out pretty normal...get kids up for school at 5:30..Sadie's first day of high school (OMG are you serious where did the time go and Aubrey's first day of her last year in middle school! Wow! I did my normal routine, work a little from home, then off to the stores around town for things we needed! Then I went to the bank to open a new account, little did I know that a bank visit could make my whole day. A really nice man name Eric helped me open my account and he asked all about why I was moving to the area. Of course I told him as much as I could LOL! He then points to a lady teller behind the counter and says "do you know who Leona Williams is?" I said of course she was one of Loretta Lynns backup singers and she was married to Merle Haggard!" He then says well the teller is Leona's daughter! ( HOW COOL is THAT!) So of course I strike a whirl wind conversation with her, it was amazing! It got even better she asked me who my favorite country artists are past or present and of course Johnny Cash was one of my first mentioned...little did I know that the cemetary right by the neighborhood I live in and drive by everyday is the final resting place of Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Mother MayBelle (June's mom) and family! Holy Cow are you kidding me. So of course when I left the bank I headed directly to check it out!!! I have to say what an experience! I think its so cool I can reminded every morning when driving by there that if you work hard, stay determined, and live life to the fullest, you can do amazing things....Johnny Cash is an inspiration to so many including myself even in his death...thanks Johnny RIP!

What an amazing night!!

If you missed it last night at Memories and Mustangs, you missed a great event!!! It was amazing to watch everyone be so willing to give.. we will post pictures soon!

Breaking the ice!

Okay, so I've been told blogging is something I should do, so here it goes. I'm sure this will be very brief because I have no idea what to talk about.

I guess I'll start with the latest. Right now Austin and I are in the process of writing songs for the album. Its been alot of fun and alot of time spent between the hours of when the crickets are singing and when the roosters start to crow! But very worth it, it feels very good to put feelings on paper.

I am also very excited and proud of my little girls. For those of you that didn't know, I have two wonderful little girls. Sadie has been taking guitar lessons after we learned that she seems to have a natural talent for it. She'll be playing her first concert in October. (playing the lead in Sweet Child of Mine) VERY COOL! VERY PROUD MOM! Aubrey my youngest has a beautiful sweet voice and is going to take piano. ALSO VERY COOL! Maybe one day soon they can start there own band.

The band has started hitting the road, we play our second show in Alabama this weekend at Plan B. Hope some of you can come and join us, its a great place.

Well its late I will talk to you guys soon!