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Year of pain....

Year of pain.... Current mood: rejuvenated Category: Parties and Nightlife ..http://newyork.going.com/event-723767;POP..So, we're comin' up on the year anniversary of the Jam session - and what a year it's been. Ol Daddy Snuggs ain't gittin no younger, and we finally doin it with CueBro - Corona, couple scores....yeah, bread baby. Sugar Shack Burly-Q, Mama MargOh!, some GREAT shows - and you know what? Weez bout due for 'nother record, ya'll! Gotts to git on that....had our first vid shoot last night at POP! - ya know, Daddy just loves the damn Burly-q...so do the rest of the lads. We gonna keep all that up, too. Pasties poppin, we kicked out some damn STYX last night...never thought we'd do it, but the shit was hot! And Maine.....smokin, what else can I say!? Aight - Snuggs out...


GET REAL Current mood: like snuggs

seriously - no subject for WAR? WTF?!?!? I mean, I'd love to talk about cars, the weather, maybe even "dreams and the supernatural," but PaLease! can't take the constant BS that slaps me in the face daily. tonight in central park, there's a march goin on - 6 pm. get out and do it. feels good - not quite as good as 'ol vitamin P, but close enough with your clothes on. dealin' with choich BS just drove me into this one - seems some folks want nothin but war when they're preachin peace - how do these cats sleep at night? it's like weighin' in at 300 and sayin "damn i'm sexy" every time you pass a mirror. no you ain't - your just another fatass, and unless you got some kinda thyroid problem or some other shit, get on with it and just GET REAL. it's nice to runabout, i'm the king of it, but once in a minute ya gots to sit on the shitter and read the news instead of the lysol can.