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Now Available For Download

NEW ALBUM BIG DUMB NOISE, Now available for download via CDBaby.com. Itunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify and other services coming soon. We will keep you updated regarding their availability.

Till then, check out some of our tasty samples. Or go ahead and pick up our album for only $5.88 during the next few weeks as part of our "early adopters" sale


Big Dumb Noise!

It's been a long time coming, and there have been a lot of hurdles along the way but our album Big Dumb Noise is finally finished and ready for distribution.

Please enjoy a few samples here on RN and drop in and buy a copy in person at one of the many shows of our up coming tour. may 28th - jun 14th.

digital download will be available soon

Big Dumb Noise Release Date

Hey there campers! We're finally releasing our first album, and we've chosen the very special release date of Arbor Day. Why? Why not! Stay tuned for more info and mark your calenders for the last Friday in April. (Disclaimer: Many standard calendars already mark Arbor Day, thus further marking may be unnecessary/unwise)

Big dumb noise

Keeping in the trend of sharing and caring we've just uploaded a couple samples from our upcoming album Big Dumb Noise to show you both what we've been working on in the studio these past few weeks and what you've got to look forward to. let us know how you like it.

Oh and if you can, come check us out this Thursday at 710 beach club, should be a fun show

Shiny new dime

If you haven't had the chance, why not check out our new, less terrible website @ www.UndeadGarden.com

Come on, all the cool kids are doing it

Banal Tedium

Justice is forcing me to write this blog instead of what i'd rather be doing ( napping mostly) so here we are. We've got a show coming up this thurday at riley's down in point loma. so go there and watch.

If i hit one is it a hate crime?

I think its time our blog touched on something we're all thinking but no one has the guts to say. Clowns, i hate them. Whats the point of clowns anyway? Children are scared of them, adults think they're stupid. I think its high time we as a society came together and agreed to just do away with them entirely. Also we recorded some demos and put them online, check that out dear readers. we'll have some live stuff up soon as well. don't forget to check us out next Sunday at ruby room. $5 cover at the door, drink a food specials all night. should be fun

Welcome to the Undead Garden Blog

Welcome, friends, Romans, countrymen, I have been forced to be the band blogger. Keep an eye out for more of my nonsensical ramblings. Thought fr the day? If you ever get the chance, see if you can trick the Police sketch artist into drawing a picture of himself.