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Future Design

We here at Velvet Guard are doing everything we can to be your new friend, it's one thing to have a band/fan relationship, but it's not enough for us, we want to go to the mall with you, maybe go on a weekend camping trip together just you us and the stars, but it takes that thing all relationships need, communication, so please, tell us in the comments what you are thinking, maybe even tell some of your other friends about us, we are a very open to meeting new people and would love love love to see you at a show and then go grab a bite afterwards at an ihop, denny's or cafe brazil... you will help build us for the future, we have new songs coming in the next few months and many shows to satiate your appetite, so again spread the word and come see and we will probably get you something for christmas and such.

-Velvet Guard

Where to Begin?

To whom this may concern,

Most valiant beginnings seem to start with a question, and so, we ask ourselves this very question. "Where to begin?" May we be sure of a strong center as to face the coming tides of challenges, both grand and subtle. Might you join us in this adventure into the great unknown, both at home and abroad?

With the good Lords blessings, designs, and directions, may we all find our way to our necessary destinations. Together, as one, a united people, loud and bold, with both melodies and harmonies to release, great landscapes and endless horizons.

Thank you for your support and or consideration, and may we be of service to you, to the extent that we may be free to. In love, peace, and victory!

God Bless, ~ Velvet Guard