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~Had a great eve. jammin with the band, visiting some new tunes! It was great to hear some of those songs with a full band!!! It's amazing how it revitalizes the soul..!!! Follow Your Dreams!~ :)

~Filed In My Brain~

~Spent the evening jammin on tunes and revisiting the GLIEM songbook catalogue. Wow!!! I forgot about some of those songs! That was great to go through them and see that I actually remember most of the tunes! It's funny how sometimes I can't remember why I walked into a room lol!...but I remember these songs and have them filed in my brain somewhere!!!~ :) ~Follow Your Dreams~

~Piece of the Puzzle~

~It's funny how you can have a song around for years and you feel that it's never quite finished!? All of a sudden you start working on it again and the missing piece arrives!!! ....A piece of the puzzle appears!!! Strange...but I'll take it!!! Another piano song on the horizen...hoping to demo it soon and share it with you!!! ~Follow Your Dreams~


~Songs for the new GLIEM e.p. are finished! GLIEM recorded and produced this c.d. with live bed tracks and any overdubs were added afterwards. An awesome opportunity arrived as we had Brian Joseph Dobbs (Tal Bachman,Metallica, etc...) mix and master our c.d.! Great timing of how everything fell into place for this! More exciting news coming soon!...~ :) ...Follow Your Dreams...


~Songs for the new GLIEM c.d. are being mixed! More news about this to be revealed in the New Year!...~ :)

~Exciting times on the Horizon!~

~Exciting times on the horizon!.......Searching for who will mix and master our upcoming c.d.!~ :)

~Music Flow~

~When I just let go and flow with the music, that's when the best feel comes out. True beauty can be found in imperfections~ :)

~Time to Gig!~ :)

~We've taken some time over the last few months to write and record some new material! I'm feeling antsy, like I need to perform again, and I'm happy to say we have a gig arriving soon! We will be playing an opening set at the Gaslight Saloon 1235 Broad Street Regina Sask.on Saturday July 28th taking the stage at 9:30ish. You will hear some new tunes from us including "Unleash a Frozen Fire" "Fool" and "Mother Earth"~ WOOT! :)

~Live bed tracks recorded!~

~Finished recording live bed tracks today! We have four songs recorded. Just have to do some overdubs of vocals, congas etc. I'm sooo excited and I can't wait to have these tunes finished! I'm working with awesome, talented, positive people and it made the studio experience a lot of fun. It's like hanging around your best friends for 4 days straight!~ :)

~Recording Sessions~

~Going to be recording in about a week! I'm really excited to get some tunes recorded, mixed and mastered! I just have to narrow it down to about 4 tunes for this round.....that's going to be tough, because my heart is close to all of these songs.~ :)